We were looking in the last podcast about how we can plant a seed within us and how if we nurture it, we can greatly encourage the seeds of thought and desires to grow. This is something we should all try to do, as it will enhance our lives, elevating the quality of the lives we lead by striving to be the best version of ourselves in all areas of our lives. Our mind is amazing and has such power in helping us change and grow, but we must never forget we are the part that’s in control of this. I know sometimes we can feel we aren’t and we can feel that our mind controls us. This is only because we have let those seeds of negativity grow within our minds and sometimes, they can start to overpower our thought processes. If we inadvertently plant a weed in our mind then this can and will grow, often weeds can even grow in the harshest environments and sometimes they can be hard to kill off too.

This can be what it’s like when we have planted the seeds of doubt and fear within us, we have then fed them with our continual ruminations and overthinking. Often fears and anxieties start in this way from just a seed of doubt and then like a weed in your garden left unchecked, it can often start to take over and even strangle the other plants we have growing in the garden. This is what can happen with the negative weeds implanted into our minds, at their worst they can overtake everything and all we can see is the weeds growing everywhere. We can do our best to try and get rid of them but sometimes as soon as we have cleared one area, we look over to another area and find that has now become overgrown too. It can often feel like a never-ending battle of clearing the weeds in one area and then turning around to see them taking over in another area. This can be just what it feels like, with many worry habits and anxiety-related conditions, things like health anxiety and generalised fears can often get out of hand. If we are not worrying about one thing then we will have moved on to start worrying about something else. This can become a horrible circle that we can get caught up in and often find ourselves battling to clear these thoughts and fears from our minds.

If this is happening to you, it’s good to stop and take stock to see how that first small seed of fear and doubt has now spread into this tangle of overgrown weeds, polluting, and stifling our minds. Sometimes we don’t even know why we started to worry and if we spend our time searching to understand the reasons behind this, then we might get lost in the search for an answer we might never find. What we need to do instead is to work hard to dig up right down to the roots of the worry, by allowing our rational thoughts to overpower our fears. There are lots of things we can do to help; hypnosis and EMDR are two great things that will help you and now you can access the hypnosis on the App and start making changes today.  When the second launch of the app comes out in the next couple of months, you will also be able to access lots of other therapy sessions including EMDR.  Remember, on your journey to change, don’t get wrapped up in why this worry is here, as often there isn’t a reason, maybe a bird just flew over your garden and dropped that seed that started things growing. If this is the case we might never get to the bottom of our worries and that’s ok, focus on the things you can change, not the things you can’t. For some of us, we understand where it is stemming from and if this is the case, then you need to dig this issue up from the roots and remove it completely. Lots of things can help us come to terms with things, it’s time to use all the support you can, to get to the bottom of what has been affecting you.

Once we have dug these issues up, then it’s time to stop the spread of the negative thoughts and fears from continuing to grow back in our minds. The best way to help us do this is to distract ourselves from the worries and not give them any connection to our conscious minds at all. You can see this as the ground weed protector sheets we can put down in gardens that stop the light from getting through to start things growing again. Once we have stopped the growing process, we can then continue to put distance between ourselves and those old thoughts and worries. This can be like covering the protector sheet with bark and wood chipping, or using stones or slate, to create that extra layer of protection against the light shining down and stimulating the weeds of worry to grow again. This layer is like the new things we put into ourselves that we choose to experience, instead of spending that time worrying. If we just leave a void where the worries and fears used to be, then we’re asking for trouble. Our minds will always be on the lookout for voids that it can fill with things, and therefore for some people they can stop worrying about one thing and find they have moved on to worry about something else.

Don’t let that happen to you. Once the worries have started to go, find some positive seeds of change to plant instead. Have a great day Sara x

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