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I do love those times when we are taking off on a plane and you get that aerial view of the world beneath us – not that lately I have had the pleasure – but hopefully soon we can all be planning fun trips away if you haven’t already. When the sky is clear, the best views you can have are often over England, as the country and landscape is a totally different array of views. From the spalling cities and villages to the ploughed fields looking like a massive patchwork quilt. Then the hills and mountains, the woods, rivers, and streams, in contrast to the concrete jungle of roads and motorways, like the veins and arteries that travel through our bodies. Our world is amazing and often we don’t always stop to take stock of the bigger picture of what this actually looks like. This is just like how amazing our minds are and the diversity of what they hold, also how different we are in different aspects of ourselves and our lives. We are this ever-changing landscape and can go from the hub of an inner-city to the tranquility of a hilltop. But what is even more fascinating is that we have the pleasure of all of this, whereas, unless we are a pilot in our daily life, we only get a small view of the world that we live in. Also, for most of us, we only get to change our homes and gardens not the world around us, whereas in our minds we get to change the whole landscape of who we are.

If we live our lives with anxiety and worry, then maybe we have lots of fast roads and busy cities, with all those hidden areas of danger and the unknown of what is lurking around the next corner. For a calm relaxed person, we have open spaces, rolling fields and hills, we listen to the birds, feel the breeze. But going back to the ariel view we have out of a plane, for all of us, we have both landscapes, it’s just where our minds are focussed on, making how we live our lives vastly different by the way we view the world. So, for those of you that live life in the fast lane, struggling with anxiety and fear, spend your time wondering what’s around the corner, then it is time for a shift in your focus. Or even a move to the country where you will have a much larger viewing focus, like being on top of a hill, with these calm panoramic views, open spaces for reflection and the peaceful environment of nature all around you.  Now might be the time for you to shift your focus and start living life in this calmer, more relaxed environment. It is out there; you just need to shift your focus to find it and then focus on staying this way.

This is a state of mind and once you learn to live this way, you take this

wherever you go.

Our minds will just naturally keep doing things on repeat, not because they must, purely because they know nothing else. We are the ones that are in control and can choose how we want to feel and live. If we have been stuck in an anxious place for a while, we can be so busy living on the streets of the sprawling metropolises, that we just seem stuck in the habits of worry and anxiety, just constantly fearing what is around the corner.  After spending extended times with these foreboding and fears, our minds are just on a loop sending these messages of fear back to us and so in turn keeping us in that fear state. Often the closest we get to feeling at peace, is like popping into an inner-city park, yes, it’s better than the scary street but the big city looms in the background calling to us. The calls are of worry and fear and can quickly drag us back into those fear states.

What you need to do is first take a vacation to the countryside, that place of peace and calm within you, then after time being there, find a way to stay. With our mind being very much habit-forming, time is the key to help us make long-lasting changes. Being in the countryside in England is super safe for us and we need to use this analogy to help us move to those safe places within ourselves. A safe place will not include worry, fear, foreboding, catastrophising, anxiety or nervous habits.  We all have times when even for the most anxious of us, we can experience this state of calm. To help us go to this calm place within our minds, we need to do all the things that help us feel this way. Make yourself a list and start thinking about what you can do to help. My new App will be fully launched any day now and within the App, you will have your own personal library, where you will be able to store all your favourite blogs. Use the search bar to find others you might have missed, there are also new 10-minute booster hypnosis sessions for you to use as well. Other things that can help is being outdoors, going for a walk, distracting your mind with something positive if you are not yet able to stay in the moment. Exercise can help, meditation, visualisation, blogs, podcasts, and lots of fun distracting things help too. Have the holiday itinerary planned and make sure it’s full of all these calming things. With your new plan of action, you can take this vacation from the fears, worry and anxiety and over time you can then work to make this a permanent change in your life.

Have a great day Sara x

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