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Time is a strange thing; when we are waiting for it to pass, it can seem so slow, yet on the other hand, we can get lost in time and it all just seems to have rapidly evaporated. Also, how we see time in our outer world is different to how we see things in our inner world. Clocks are devices created by us humans to measure time. We all need this measurement to help us live our lives and coordinate our activities according to clock time. Without clocks, our lives would be very confusing, and we would never get much done as we would be waiting around to try and sync up with other people or events. Your inner brain does not perceive the passing of time with the same units of minutes and hours as on your watch. Throughout evolution, living organisms, including humans, have developed multiple biological clocks to help us keep track of time. Some of our timekeepers are set by external processes, like the rise and fall of daylight, this helps us adapt to the rhythms of our day.

Our minds are all different and some people can recall things in a more linear way than other people. But the passage of time can easily be lost in our inner minds, for some of us we can remember things like they were yesterday but it might have happened many years ago. We know that traumatic things that have happened to us can be more easily recalled because of the feeling that we still carry to the event. On the other hand, those very happy times with strong feelings can stay quite vivid in our minds too. Some of the studies being carried out at the moment, show that if we do more repetitive tasks, the time taken to do these and also to then repeat the task, can become more precise and predictable.

I like to see the mind on an unconscious level, a bit like the rings that orbit a planet and we are the planet that our memories and habits orbit around. If we are struggling to let something go then we could be inadvertently continuing to keep those old events in our orbit. Also, for many of us, life in general and the things that happen in our lives can keep triggering us to remember the past and so in turn keeping it in our orbit. If you have ever had a situation that’s been hard for you to come to terms with then you might have noticed that in the beginning, you spent a lot of time overthinking about this past event. Thus, keeping it feeling quite vivid and real to you, but as time goes by, we often start to come to terms with what has happened. This is because time really is a healer and over time, we often work things through, we can heal and come to terms with the feelings and so in turn we will connect to the memories less. As we start to connect less to that past event then it is losing that gravitational pull back to us and over time it is no longer in that close orbit of us and is somewhere out there in the vast cosmos of our minds. This is the same for habits, good and bad, that we have in our lives; the good ones we need to practice regularly to keep them orbiting close to us whereas, the bad habits that we no longer want, we need to not keep thinking about them so they can over time stop orbiting us. This can often be easier said than done and this why lots of people come for hypnotherapy to help let go of bad habits as the treatments can help push the connections further away from you. If you are not thinking about these old habits as much, then naturally, they will start leaving your orbit.

Often if we are choosing to let go of worries or bad habits, we can find at times that we can be over-focused on them and as you imagine by doing this you are just keeping them orbiting around you. This is not going to help, it will in fact make it much more difficult for you to let it go. Any connection to the worry or the old habit, good or bad, will keep that pull of the habit into our orbit. If we keep saying we are not worried and we are all ok, then this will not help us, it will just hinder us, as your mind doesn’t understand how to let a negative worry or habit go if you keep connecting with it. This is because if you were free of it, you would just not think about it, so if you are still thinking about it even in a positive way it is not gone, so your mind keeps pulling it into your orbit. A key way to help us change is to just understand this inner concept of time and using it to our advantage. A good way to remember to do this when we are making changes, is to remember the “fake it, till we make it” attitude. This means that if we have made a change or let something go then we won’t be thinking about it or even reassuring ourselves about it. If we work on this basis, we can more easily let things go that we no longer need to hold onto, then they can fall out of our orbit.

With this new knowledge, you will be able to make changes much more easily and forget about what you used to do and focus on what you are now choosing to do.  If you need more help, I now offer full online one to one sessions, as well as the treatments available in my busy practice. Often I can quickly help you do this with the power of your unconscious mind on your side.

Have a great day. Sara x

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