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Moving forward in life can take a combination of things, we can move slowly or quickly or even somewhere in between but also, we can move in circles. Making choices to enhance the process is what we should all aspire to do, not because we must, more because, why wouldn’t we?  Life is something we need to make the most of, and to do this we do not need to live life with procrastination and putting things off. If we take the time, we may be using it to procrastinate and put things off, to convert this to more proactive uses then we might not even need as much time to get things going. Another way to help us get going in achieving our goals is to not let ourselves get overwhelmed by thinking about how much we need to do. This can be one of the reasons why we can procrastinate, as we are scaring ourselves out of getting things done. Sometimes things are not always what we think and the reason we are not moving forward is that we are constrained by the fear that is holding us back. It can be very easy to find lots of excuses to stop us from getting going and getting things done, but it doesn’t always mean they are the reasons why we are not moving on with things. A good thing to do is to take time to reflect on the reasons we are not doing something instead of just blindly following the excuses. Making things real, instead of in the denial of procrastination can often help to dissolve the fear, helping us see the situation from a calmer and more motivated viewpoint. With a clear view of the situation, we can then break the task down into more sizable chunks that will then help us get going. If the situation we are working on is a big task, then this is ultimately the best thing to do.

As we break down a task, we can often find ways to support ourselves and in turn our motivation to get going with whatever it is. Also, it is good to give ourselves the push we need to get going and this can come in many different ways.  We can often be motivated by the outcome; if this is the case then make the outcome more vivid in our minds and even in our everyday reality. If we are wanting to lose weight then maybe find an old picture of ourselves which shows us at that weight, if it’s to do a task in the house, create a mood board and keep reminding yourself about what you are working towards. With this new inspiration, it will help you reach the end goal easier, if you catch that procrastination coming back then take another boost from your inspiration.

Motivation is not just one thing, it has as many faces as there are human desires, but the most basic driver of motivation is desire. We desire a change in our behaviour, thoughts, feelings, self-concept, the way we look and feel, the environment we live in and the relationships we have in our lives. But never forget without that desire to have any of these things then we just wouldn’t be bothered. That’s why it is so important that you keep your desires alive. In the world we live in it is quite easy to get distracted and lose our focus on what we truly want. Also, with our world filled with so much choice, we can sometimes get distracted and end up wanting something else. This is of course fine, we can change our minds, that’s our free will and choice, but keep in mind that this can be part of the procrastination habit. If you’re one of these people that starts many things and never finishes any of them then maybe you’re getting lost in this cycle of desire, distraction, desire distraction. Sometimes we don’t even know we are doing this; we have become a bit like a moth to the flame.  Just like the moth we get blinded by the light of something bright and shiny and we are lost to it, then like the moth, we can get burnt. But the moths never learn, they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. Make sure that you follow your true desires, not just the bright new flame.

This can happen with lots of things and also in relationships. Sometimes we might think we want a relationship but actually, we may have fears of long-term relationships and sabotage them with the moth to the flame procrastination process. It could also be the same for getting a new job, starting your own business or moving house, we get distracted with the bright light of a new thing we just have to have in our lives and sabotage our saving plan. This of course will mean without that extra money we can’t move as quickly through our DIY project or have the savings we need to reach the dream goals. We can end up with way too many things in our lives if we are a moth to the flame and maybe this is stopping you from achieving your true goals. If you have your goals set in place and you keep showing your mind what you truly desire then you can stay the distance. Once we have achieved that goal or even the first step towards our goal, then we can use the motivation of that success to take that next step or to set a new goal.  Don’t get distracted, do one goal at a time, break the goal down into steps, keep your mind focused on the end result and success will be yours.

Make yesterday’s dreams and desires, today’s reality. Sara x

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