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Our minds are heavily influenced by the world around us and this is a good time to have a good clear-out in your home, garage, garden or shed. If we live in a cluttered house and are holding on to lots of things that we don’t need, then this will be having a negative impact on our minds. It sends the message to our minds that we need to hibernate, holding onto everything in case we might need it, or we feel we can’t let it go or we will be causing our inner minds to feel unsafe. Hibernating and hiding have similar roles in the unconscious and our minds don’t always see the difference in this. Because our mind just follows patterns, it just sees that something outside could harm us and doesn’t know the difference between harsh weather, lockdown or hiding from a predator. This being the case, if we are hoarding or holding on to too much stuff then we are sending the message that we are fearful of going out. That we need to hold onto absolutely everything so that we don’t need to go out to get anything and that we can just stay in to keep us safe. Our minds are just so black and white and follow simple patterns, but the messages that get sent because of this, can be big limiters to us in being able to change and move forward.

The other way clutter can affect us is that we can just avoid it, then we can end up just not going into certain parts of our homes because of it. This again sends those negative messages to our mind, of fear, as avoiding things always send those messages. The reason for this is that it links to our primaeval mind and this part of our mind is always on a constant lookout for avoidant things. This is the amazing safety mechanism that helps us not do things that could put us into dangerous situations; if we remember to avoid walking down where the grizzly bear lives, then this could save our lives. Because our minds don’t understand things on a conscious level, it just reads the patterns and puts things in a category, i.e., avoidance = danger.  This is why there are more people with phobias and fear than ever before, because we don’t have many real-life dangers in our lives, so our minds follow our messages of avoidance and create irrational fears instead.

Having a good clear-out will not only clear that space and make us feel happy in our homes, but it will also give us a big boost of confidence and positivity. This is because your mind thinks you have fought the grizzly bear and won. Now you can feel this newfound freedom of liberation and strength. Doing regular things like this will also open your life up, as for some people, they have not been doing it because of other fears. It could be that if your house is great then you could invite people round but doing that might be triggering fear of connecting to new people in your life on a deeper level. We might make excuses to ourselves and say we’re too busy, so we put this off, but beneath the surface, we are still sending those negative messages to our minds of the fear of connecting with people. Also, the more we put things off, the harder it is to do it and then we are in a negative cycle of avoidance and fear.

Now is the perfect time to break out of this cycle and choose to move both your home and your life forward in positive ways. Remember you have been putting this off because it may have felt overwhelming and too difficult to challenge, so don’t try and do too much to start with. Say for example you want to clear the lounge out first, break it down into bitesize pieces. You may, first of all, do a scan of the room and see if there are any instant things that jump out to you that should not be in there. You can then decide about what you do with them next, is it either to move it elsewhere, get rid of it or think about getting rid of it?  At this point don’t get stuck on the shall I or shan’t I get rid of it, just place it in the maybe pile, otherwise moving forward might be slow going and get overwhelming.  Remember if it was going to be easy to do, you would have done it already; you haven’t, because maybe making those desions to keep it or let it go has limited you. If the decision is left till later then at least you are deciding that it shouldn’t live in the lounge. The target is not the whole house at the moment, it is just the lounge, staying focused on one area will help you not get overwhelmed. If you need more help in deciding what to keep, then maybe read or watch Marie Kondo, who has a great method in helping you choose what to keep. Also, there are great storage ideas that she uses which might help on the whole organisation of things for you.

Once you have done the room sweep then you could set target areas to look at i.e., the cupboard, coffee table etc., and work through each area at a time. Set times to do this, maybe if you have a day off, choose to do an hour first thing in the morning before getting on with the rest of your day. This is a great time to have the motivation to do things, as we are free of the procrastinating thoughts, we can put things in place as the day goes on. Another good tip is to take pre and post pictures, as these will not only help you feel proud but will inspire you to tackle another part of your house. You can also get other family members involved to help speed up the process and they might also be able to help you in the decision making process.  Once you have got to grips with one room, moving on can be easier. Don’t pick the worst room first as this can be too overwhelming, as long as you’re doing something then you need to be super proud of yourself.

Set a goal, start today and clear out your house and free your mind of those limiters. Living this way has been impacting your unconscious and primaeval mind, so in turn limiting your ability to change.

Enjoy your week Sara x 

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