We have been looking at ways to make us feel more positive and now it’s time to work on those next steps to help you make these changes in your life. If we can keep our minds focused in the right direction, we can be one of those positive people who see life in an optimistic way.  Being this way is not going to have any adverse effect on your life, it is going to give you a more comfortable life, as being positive helps us feel happier and more relaxed, both of these are great attributes to have in your life.  

If we choose to keep our lives upbeat, we can enhance our mindset and continue to help our mind keep focused on looking at all the good things in life.  Now it’s time to look at anything you might be doing in life that is negatively impacting the positive person you choose to be. It could be that you watch, listen or read the News regularly throughout your day; to a point this is okay, as we can’t live our heads in the sand. But if this is taking up quite a lot of your time then this could be impacting your mood, optimism and mindset, as the news is 95% negative.  Too much time with big chunks of totally negative input into our mind will lower our ability to stay in a bright and positive place. If this is the case for you then it’s time to not only limit the time spent absorbing these negative mediums but to also have a plan of action for after you’ve given it that limited time, to reset yourself. It might not be just the news that can do this, certain people might have this effect on you or other things you have to do in life, it’s time now to find those things that lower your mood. 

We have to accept that sometimes we can’t change the things we have to do in life, but we can change how we deal with them and how we choose to let them make us feel.

Often, we can ruminate over things and if we have just spenttime in a negative situation then we need to have a plan to make sure that we don’t continue that on in our heads. Maybe you could then organise to play a game with your children or watch a comedy show, or you could take the time to unwind with some calming music and a bath. Like with any of these things, it’s important to do the thing that helps you to elevate your mood and bring relaxation into your body.  We all have different things in our lives that do this so find the things that work for you and make sure that you don’t allow those negative sides of life to filter into your mood.  This can be the same for some people or certain situations as well, the key is in fact that sometimes we can’t change this from being around us but we can find ways to not let this carry-on.  Our inner mind is always working to find new habits and this way of dealing with negative things in your life, will not only help you in the moment, but over ti time it will allow your mind to find new ways of responding to the negative things that come your way.

As your mind starts the process of following your new actions, it will see that when you are exposed to negative things, you do something upbeat to change your mindset after this, with time and positive exposure to this new habit your mind will start to mirror this for you. This is one of the best ways to help stay positive, not just for a week or two, but for a lifetime, we have to help our minds find the positive patterns that support us.  If we take the time and start to plan things in, that help us bounce out of those negative times and bolster our moods in an upbeat way, then this is the key to making lasting change.  We can often be experiencing these negative situations and responding to these things on autopilot, not realising the impact the situations are having on us, so take the time to create a plan of action that will help you change this. Firstly, identify all the things that can have a negative impact on your mood, take the time to not only think about the daily habits but try and stand back and look at the bigger picture. Once you have done those you can then make a list of the things you already do that help to boost your mood.  With the list you can now look at finding new ways to put something positive after those negative things in your life, thus working to limit how the negative experiences and afterthoughts have been seeping into your daily life.  

You might be surprised at how differently you feel by making these changes in your life and the impact on your mindset and positivity levels. At present your mind is expecting to follow a certain route, it’s not that you can’t change it, it’s just that you haven’t learnt to do it yet. With any habit that we choose to change, our mind will often have a level of resistance to this change. This is not for the fact that you can’t change but more for the fact that your mind is just following those old patterns;that is all there is to it. Our inner minds are not choosing these times to seep the negative worrying thoughts into all areas of our lives, it’s just following those old patterns.

With your new plan of action and a rejigging of your life, you will find not only on those days you are now feeling brighter and your mood more upbeat, but as the days and weeks pass by you will be forming these great new habits. 

Thanks for dropping by Sara x 

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