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This time of year is often a great time to harness our drive and motivation to make positive changes in life, but this year with the pandemic I think we are all feeling a bit stuck. This can mean that moving forward seems more strained for many of us.  Making changes is always a challenge for our minds, as we have spent much of our millions of years on this planet playing it safe to stay alive.  

These old habits are still within us and it’s important to understand these more to help give us more freedom and drive to move our lives forward. 

A massive part of our unconscious mind is the primeval mind, this part of our mind is always focused on survival and on how to stop us from doing anything that could put us in danger. This, of course, is amazing and has made us the most overpopulated species on the planet but for our lives, in the 21st Century, some of these habits from our primeval mind can now be limiting us.  The reason for not wanting change is a basic pattern and inner belief system – if it’s not broken don’t fix it, if we are safe now why change. Change in the past has always come with the possibilities of adversity and unsafety, as, if we haven’t done this before, how do we know it’s safe. This basic trait and inner negative belief system can limit our ability to change and grow, because of this we need to find ways that support our mind, helping us to find the drive we need to change. 

Helping our minds to feel safer to change can be one of the best ways to enhance our drive to change. 

If we see the things that limit us as a weight or a rope limiting our movement, we can find using this image as a way to enhance change within us. Our minds dream for two hours every night, now it is time to send our unique dream messages to our inner minds to remove the fear that binds us. Firstly, you can form a new image of what you are wanting to achieve; if it is to be more active, then create images in your mind, on paper or find ones online that represents this NEW you. With these new images, I would like you to now take a bit of time and write down how it will make you feel to be this way. Maybe it makes you feel safer and healthier to achieve this goal, or being more active might mean that your blood pressure has been high and you can see this coming down or maybe it’s about helping weight loss and this may then reduce your raised cholesterol levels. We are all different and all make different goals so work on what outcomes you are striving to achieve with your goals. 

Find the things that will inspire you in achieving your new goals and spend time reflecting about all of the positive benefits that achieving your goals will bring you.

With all this knowledge you can now use this as a bedtime visualisation; it will only take a few minutes a night and will help your primeval mind feel safer and so, in turn, help you have a greater inner drive to change.  Firstly, visualise yourself with the limiter of i.e. being unfit or overweight or whatever it is you have chosen to challenge yourself with. Then see the ropes and barriers over and around you, that your mind has created to protect you, by keeping you safe from any possible dangers that change might bring.  Next see yourself incorporate all the things you wrote down that changing will give you, see these words as scissors or a knife, or a hammer and see the words cutting those binds and ties from you. Feel how good it feels to release the limiters and then step into the new you with all the benefits that you are gaining by achieving your new goals. Spend a minute or so with the new image of you having achieved your goal and feel how good it feels to be this way and how proud, happy, healthy etc you feel. Remember to make this about you and take the time to personalise all the limiters and benefits to suit you and your goals. 

The more time you spend thinking these things through, the more your mind will feel that deeper connection to the changes and in turn, the easier changing will be. 

You then need to do this for a few weeks, every night if possible as you embark on your changes, it takes just a few minutes a day but believe me, the impact it will make will definitely surprise you. 

The final step that can help you stay more motivated with your nightly visualisation is a quick and easy affirmation to help remind you of the positive journey and transformation you have chosen to take. Use this quick and easy affirmation as a reminder to keep up the process of change, save it as a screen saver, put a note on your bathroom mirror, your trainers or even the fridge – find what works best for you. This will help you stay much more motivated and will help you keep the positive images you are creating, more enhanced in your mind. Also, it’s a great reminder to keep going with your visualisations and goals that you have set yourself. 

Seeing is believing!”

The pleasure with this affirmation is that on a deeper level we do know that this is how our mind works and that harnessing the full power of our minds will make changing easier and quicker. Enjoy those great changes you are making, thanks for dropping by Sara x 

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