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Life can have many ups and downs, some which are amazing, others which are far from that. Sometimes we can get so negatively caught up in things that it can just drag us down into those all times lows and other times we are riding the crest of the wave. These are of course the extremes of life and normally we don’t live by those extremes, but we can be dealing with challenging issues even daily. If we see the highs of life as literally riding on the crest of a wave-like a surfer, we have to often wait for quite a while to catch that right wave to achieve this. Life is like this too, so if we want to achieve something big then it’s important to have patience to wait for the right opportunity like waiting for the right wave to surf. If we go too early it won’t give us that amazing crest of the wave to ride on to success and the wave will just peter out maybe like our belief that we can do this or our motivation to keep trying. Or worst still we will fall off and get caught up in the current, this is like trying and failing and feeling the low ebb that this can cause within us. Either way, we will then have had to use lots of energy to get back out there and get ready to start waiting for the right wave again. Life is like this so never be afraid to wait for the right opportunity like that wave and taking your time can be just what you need to do to achieve this.  Accepting it’s all about patience, timing and following your instinct to find and make that change or to go for that new opportunity is the key to this.  Once we learn this, we can save ourselves lots of energy by not just trying everything and then getting worn out and not having the strength or motivation to go for that right opportunity.

Now you can see things in this way you also need to accept that sometimes it won’t work and you will tumble off the wave and that’s ok too. Nothing is set in stone in life and we can only do our best to try and find the right opportunities to go for but sometimes they just don’t pan out. Always make sure that you don’t take this personally as it’s not your fault it just wasn’t meant to be and it is fine you may have learnt something by trying and failing. But even if you have learnt from it you are one step closer to the successful wave you are waiting for, as Thomas Watson coined “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate”. Never let a fail limit you in moving forward, just remind yourself of these wise words, swim back to the waiting point and start again looking for the next right wave to surf, that new opportunity is just around the corner. If we let these things that don’t work out limit us then we can end up just waiting and waiting for the right wave and never choosing to give things a go. Like many things in life too much or too little of something isn’t the best way to achieve things in life, we have to find the balance and not let fears or past experiences negatively impact our ability to try again.  Here is another old quote that I think is a great one to always remember.

Tis a lesson you should heed,

Try, try, try again.

If at first, you don’t succeed,

Try, try, try again

By Edward Hickson

These quotes are great to have around you when you are choosing to challenge yourself in life and they can remind you of the need for patience and persistence which is a very important part of change and growth. Our mindset is another crucial thing to keep us riding on the top of the wave, just like the surfer if he hesitates or gets afraid then his ability to surf well and stay up there will dramatically reduce.  The power of our minds is such an understated part of anything we do in life and if we are not valuing its importance then this could be one of the key factors that could be influencing your levels of success in things. If we are half-hearted as we approach things then we will only achieve a half-hearted outcome, if we are fearful then the fear will effective our performance levels and slow us down or even derail us. If we don’t believe it is possible to achieve our goals this will also limit us succeeding in things as our minds may sabotage us away from success as the belief to fail will be the message the mind inner mind is listening to.

When looking to change or challenge ourselves it is essential that we look at all of these things and also how we respond in trying to achieve something. If we keep putting things off or we make lots of excusing why we aren’t doing these things then there is something deeper within you that is sabotaging your success. Going back to the analogy of the surfer if we sit waiting and waiting and waiting for that so-called perfect wave to come or the perfect moment to go. Over time we are going to get tired and fed-up of waiting we will see this an unpleasant experience one not to repeat, we can then end up giving up trying to surf as we have sabotaged our experience. It’s time to be transparent with ourselves and not allow those limiters to get in the way, if they are around us, then stop trying to ride the wave of change and work out how to get rid of the things that are limiting you.

Looking deeper into what’s limiting may just help you find the strength and motivation to push for change. Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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