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I would like to dedicate this blog to Lauren who mentioned she had read about this metaphor and I just loved it.  We are all juggling our lives, our time, our friendships, our family, our work and even ourselves. But not only just one of these things, we have to juggle all of these things simultaneously and it is quite a challenge in its own right. One of the most important things in juggling our lives, is that we learn how to prioritise the most important things and work to drop the things that aren’t. Often with many things in life they come with lots of pressure about what we should or shouldn’t do and if we don’t do it how will this make us feel about it. Also, we then have the pressure of what people will think of the choices we make and what they think if we make different choices to what they would. This then makes the choices we make not only about the choices we need to make, but about how we deal with the feeling that comes with making these choices. If we battle with confidence issues then this can make it even harder, if we get anxiety then again this can put added pressure on us.  None of these fears, insecurities, worries or anxieties will help you decide, they will only make things more difficult and complicated. 

Its time now to revaluate how best to juggle our lives in a way that is simple to understand and also helps us to do things anxiety-free.  When we have put things into a better perspective and we are juggling our lives more effectively this will also give us the bonus of gaining more confidence. Because if we make decisions easily, decisively and effectively then we send those amazing messages into our mind, our body and our nervous system that we are safe and secure. This is one of the best things we can do to help grow our confidence, reduce anxiety and overall let us live our lives in a happier more confident way. The reasons behind this are that there are big parts of our unconscious minds and our nervous system that is always based on reading how safe and secure we feel. If we are feeling safe and secure the fight and flight response which governs our anxiety levels will quickly reduce down allow us to be relaxed, calm and secure. If we are stuck in a fear style of response then our messages that we are sending to our inner selves are to stay in an anxious, insecure nervous system level. That doesn’t help us in the moment, in fact over time it can for some people just grow making our anxieties and insecurities much worse.

What we need to understand is the principals of juggling our lives and what we can drop and what we can’t. The key to this is understanding that some of the things we are juggling are not breakable and we can see them as just plastic so we can drop then and it won’t be a problem but other are glass and if we drop these things can break. Let’s, for example, say that you’re a busy mum with young children, in those first few months of caring for our baby we often have to drop lots of things to enable to focus on the most important thing our newborn baby. So, if we haven’t managed to hoover in a few days it’s no big deal and we can drop that item from the juggling list and knowing that it’s only plastic and won’t break. We can pick this up when we have a moment and in the meantime we can keep juggling the important things. But lots of things never stay as just plastic or glass things that we have to juggle can and will change. If we think about the last example back to the busy mum when the baby has grown to be a toddler then dropping the hoovering may not be a plastic one it could be glass. As it’s not great for the toddler if there are things on the carpet which need to be cleaned up and most toddlers are like mini hoovers! This is seen in lots of things, skipping the shopping for a few days may be ok and just a plastic thing we can drop from juggling but if our cupboards are empty and we don’t have any food then it’s now become glass one.

Most of us can say that we have busy lives and we have lots of things to juggle if we keep trying to do this without mentally dropping a few things it can make us feel quite stressed and anxious. Now using this great analogy it’s time to stop cluttering our minds with the over the worry of things to do which will only lead our minds to churn these worries round. Now it is time to work out which things are plastic today and we can drop them and which things are glass that we need to get done.  This can be a great way to help us declutter our minds as often our issues are that with too many things to do, we just can’t think clearly. Now with your easy to understand formula we can think about things in a two-way process dropping the plastic things and won’t break and focusing on the important breakable things. By dropping the plastic ones we can then work to manage the rest that can’t be dropped.

With this new way of looking at things, we can take the pressure of the choices we have to make and let go of the need to try and juggle them all in our heads. This allows us to feel less overwhelmed, more decisive, be more rational about what we can do and in turn, we will be more positive, plus more product and also more effective in getting things done. Next week we will look at one of the most important things we have to juggle in our lives but one of the most overlooked things we have to juggle.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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