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Life can be hard, life can be fun, life can be exciting, life can be scary, life can be sad, life can be happy, life can be anxious, life can be many things for all of us. This is just the way life is and we have to accept that this is life and that we can’t change what’s happening we can only change how we deal with life. Now it is time for us to embrace the positive sides of what life brings and find ways to limit the negative aspects of life. Having a positive mindset can make a massive difference to our lives and can help limit the negative aspects of what life brings us.  The key things in making life the best it can be, for all of us it is time to learn to live for now and change the things you can and let go of the things you can’t.  None of us knows what’s coming so taking down the fears of what the future will bring is a key way to live a happier life.  It’s good to let our minds be filled with positive thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams rather more than worrying about the fears and what-ifs of life. We have been looking over the last few blogs and ways to do this and now it’s time to build your own personal positive support program. 

We all have to accept that there is no right or wrong way there is only your way and its best to work on finding what works for you.  A good starting point is to work on the areas where you can get stressed, fearful, angry or upset and look at finding a way to change these times and limit the negative effects this will be having on your life.  If we can work on those danger areas first these can help us make the biggest changes in our lives. Maybe we wake early and start the morning on the wrong foot or get out of bed the wrong side as they say. The morning is a key thing for our day’s mindset and if we start off on the wrong foot then this can lead to the day being not the best it could be and at the worst an anxious or uncomfortable one.  Keep the thoughts that if you can’t think positive things about something then you are not going to think about it at all, unless it’s to make constructive change. If we can change a situation for the better then this is great news and we should go and do this as soon as we can so we can move from the fears and insecurities and set into that more positive mindset.

This may mean that you have time on your hands then as if you’re not worrying about what the day may hold for you and now you’re banned from this negative worry pattern you can fill that space with something positive.  This could be a distraction like a talking book, a new hobby or a new exercise plan. All of these will help you fill the gap where those old morning worries and fears used to negatively impact your day. You can also take time to listen to the blog and the hypnosis sessions as well and these are a perfect start for the day.  We can also start a mindfulness approach like a gratitude journal or mediation these will also be great things to start the day more positively. Always remember that our mindset is the key to being in a positive place, if we are absorbed in negative things then our mind will feel that negativity and start mimicking it. Sometimes for people watching the news can have a negative impact on your day and the news is always full of negative fearful things as this is what sells newspapers and so these things become the focal point of the information that the news puts across to us. If your feeling low then it can be great to give up those morning papers and watching the news and choose one of a whole host of things to start the day in a brighter way. We can even just watch a funny series on the TV, listen to classical music or our favourite upbeats songs or even make the morning a time for chatting will the family.  Whatever your new positive morning routine is going to be it needs to fit with your lifestyle. If you make too complicated or time-consuming, having to rush to work afterwards then it won’t often be something you can maintain for the long term.

The key of in making the mornings better is often more about letting go of things rather than adding more, make that your first step to change. Work out the things that can be negatively impacting your mood and get rid of as many as you can. Then take time to think about making the mornings not only happier but maybe even easier for yourself this will help you make those long-term changes. Find those things that you think might work well for you and try them out, remember it’s a learning curve so it may be a bit of trial and error first to find what makes a brighter happier start for your day.

Keep a diary about how your mood is over the next few weeks to see the difference this is making and then you can adapt and changes thing in a month. Give your mind time to adjust to this new way of feeling and then when it feels like you have the right mix of thing to give you that bright start to the day, it’s just time that you make this into your new morning habit.

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