The Cat Lives On- 3rd Book Coming Soon

I am so pleased to be sharing the first look of the 3rd book in the Cat series: The Cat Lives On. It is now in the final stages and I will be ready to share it with you soon, but as followers of my blog, I wanted to share it with you first. If you can share among your family and friends and help me once again to spread the word I would really appreciate it.

2020 has been a challenging year for all if us, but no one has been as affected as the younger generation. COVID-19 has caused such a huge disruption to our lives and the lives of our children, while it hasn’t gone away the country is taking tentative steps to return to a new normal. As children make the return to school, now more than ever do we need to empower them and show them that anxiety doesn’t need to control our life.

Anxiety is complex by nature, as we pass one hurdle another lurks around the corner to trip us up and send us flying backwards. What is most frustrating is that actions we take to help ourselves and our children can sometimes be making the anxiety grow. The Cat Lives on follows on from Don’t Feed the Cat and The Cat is Back and explores another aspect of worry and has more practical tools and tips you can use with your children.

Don’t Feed the Cat

Available on Amazon

Don’t Feed the Cat explores how feeding our worry habits (the cat) can make them grow bigger and bigger and even more scary (the lion). Overcoming anxiety doesn’t mean you have to fight it, you simply need to stop feeding it. Full of tips to distract the children from worries and stop feeding them, helping them regain control of their anxiety.

You might remember the blog version I created for adults, I have been using the analogy successfully for many years and it really does work. You can read it here.

 Best book i have ever brought

Brought this book for my daughter who was suffering from anxiety and could not understand why. We read this book together and she has started to understand her anxiety and is being able to handle it now. This has really helped her and i would recommend any parent to buy their children this book if they are suffering from anxiety. Best book i have ever brought.

Thanks so much Sara, can’t wait for more to follow.

Highly Recommended

Read with my 8 year old daughter who is going through parental separation. She related immediately to the idea of the lion in the book. I think it helped her to understand how worries can build and gave her a mechanism to reduce those worries. Great book, prompts good discussion with your child and gives them a tool to help reduce their worries. Highly recommended.

The Cat is Back

Available on Amazon Now

The Cat is Back delves further into anxiety feeding actions that we might not even be aware of. This can be positive reassurance by constantly reassuring yourself or looking for reassurance from others, for children it is likely to be parents or teachers. This book works in encouraging children to develop safety and security within themselves and not continue to feed the worry habits by sending mixed signals to their brain.

You can read the blog version here.

Praise for The Cat is Back:

5.0 out of 5 stars Conscientiously Written!!!

What a wonderful book … so conscientiously written! The story line, language and pictures really support the message. I would highly recommend, great follow up to the first book!!!

The Cat Lives on

Pre-order your copy

This book explores how we can use comfort blankets to alleviate our anxiety but this doesn’t work in the long term, before we know it they’re smothering us and actually increasing our anxiety by sending signals to our brain that we aren’t safe and secure. Another element that this book explores is avoidance, by avoiding a situation that makes us nervous ultimately makes our anxiety even worse.

Putting things off creates avoidance, avoidance creates fear and fear makes you anxious.

You can pre-order the book by emailing sara@hypnosara.blog or follow my Amazon page.

The Cat in School

Earlier in the year I started working with schools providing CPD for teachers on how to support children with anxiety and other mental health issues. There has been some fantastic feedback from the sessions and teachers have gone forward to use The Cat books as an educational tool to help children build their own inner safety and security and reduce their anxiety in small, manageable steps. I am happy to say that I will be offering workshops again for schools who wish to improve the emotional support they can offer their students. If you would like to book email sara@sarajstevens.co.uk

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Thanks for dropping by,

Sara x

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