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I don’t know how I can fully express my gratitude to all of you that follow my blogs, plus my clients, family and friends that have also supported me over my free book launch.  I am very proud to say we nearly reached 1000 just a few dozen of that figure, which is super exciting to think about the positive impact on 1000 families and how they can now deal with childhood anxiety in a new way.  My thanks go out to the people who just shared it with one friend, the people who did multiple shares and the one person who put in on a platform that enabled the book to be downloaded by over 300 people.

Every single person in this group who collectively supported me must take this time to fully acknowledge their input to this and give themselves a great big pat on the back. It is just brilliant what we can truly do if we all work together as a team. I think it is so important in our current world crisis that we can all take the time to support our wider community.  It takes times like this to help us look beyond the busyness of our lives and own personal experiences to look at the bigger picture.  The last two Thursday nights have been very moving in how we have been showing our thanks to our health service and taking the time in those two minutes as a moment of group gratitude for all they are doing for us. I feel this is not just about now it’s about all they have done for us throughout time and how tirelessly they continue to give so much to us all. Helping us, saving so many lives every day in their selfless giving and caring attitude.

It really made me think at what point have we stopped being grateful for everything we have in our lives and just moved into this place of expectancy. I am as guilty as the next person in this and I will learn from this in a profound and powerful way. To shift our own conscious perspective is one thing, but for all of us to collective shift is transformational.  How hard is it to be that better person? to be more thoughtful and thankful? I don’t think it is, and in fact, it’s such a lovely thing to do.  Often, I think we just get blinkered and it’s not for that fact we don’t want to be that person it’s just that life is moving too fast and we can forget to look up.  Like driving fast are we taking in the journey? Or are we all just focused on the destination?

This is such a great time to stop take stock look at what is and isn’t important in our own lives and then take in the wider picture of our world.  Over this next week why not take the time to reflect on the bigger picture in your life and take the time to consider who would do with an extra bit of support or a thank you for what they do for you.  A kind word or gesture takes very little time but it can make a massive impact on the person who receives this support from you. For many of us, we have more time on our hands and let’s commit to doing 15 minutes of good deeds a day on top of what we are already doing. Try and think further afield maybe the elderly neighbour down the road, just a quick chat with safe social distancing practices might just make that person’s day.  Often the small things can and do make a massive impact at times, maybe you know someone who is having to self-isolate, maybe facetime them, WhatsApp video them or Skype, let them see a friendly face, they might not have seen one all day. These simple gestures added together can transform us from a disconnected and isolated society into a happy, kinder more supportive community and that if it spread through our world will have such a massive impact.  Let’s give more, let’s allow some time every day for this and for let’s spread this kindness and support out as far as we can. Remember we’re all different and our lives are too, so take the time to think about your life and the world around you and find a way to give back and say thanks.  

Over the next few weeks, we are going to explore some of these things and look to grow and evolve in new and positive ways to be that best version of ourselves. I would also like to offer up the floor to any particular topics that any of you would like me to chat about. I want to continue my open approach to life and this group is your group, not just me sending these blogs over to you. Because without you all there is no blog, there is maybe an area that I could help you with. I won’t unless you would like me to disclose who wants this topic explored, so it can be your own private platform here for me to do my best to give you more awareness, help, advice and support.

Again, let me finish with the big thankyou again to you all and let’s all stay safe and grow from these times of crises.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

5 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. I think you have given everyone support an amazing tool, to open up conversations & free is to admit to ourselves our feelings now we have time to reflect & everything is magnified which is usually hidden away in the business of our daily lives I shared because this time is invaluable to us all, & will help us to process many more things we had brushed under the carpet.

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