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Unfortunately, we all at times have to deal with challenges in our lives, finding ways to make it as painless as possible is certainly the best way forward. But as many of us know our minds can often not always be on our side and can resist us changing, challenges and things that push us out of our comfort zone. I very pleased to have been asked to write for Rachel Schroath, who is a writer on a mission to uncover wisdom from people around the world. The article is about overcoming difficult times and this is my part of it below and the full article by Rachel will be out over the next couple of weeks. There will be other people sharing their thoughts on this topic and it would be great to check out the article which will be to find it at www.rachelschroath.com. There are also links on the email and blogs so you can just click straight through to the article.

Life can be hard at times and our first instinct is to run from these challenges, but truthfully, we can’t often run from them as they will only follow us, but even if we could would it help us anyway?  Or are we making it worse for ourselves by putting off what we will inevitable have to do, to get through these hard times? 

Our natural inner instinct is to take the path of least resistance and when we are faced with a fearful event our primeval brain will often try and send us down the path of running away from it, instead of facing it. Facing things in our 21st Century lifestyle, is in conflict with how we used to face things not that long ago. A 100 years ago and beyond we might have literally fought our way out of trouble, but rightly so we accept now that fighting and hurting people isn’t the way to deal with challenges. Going back a bit further in history to those times when life was a bit like The Game of Thrones but without the dragons, which being honest wasn’t that long ago in years compared to how long we have been living on this planet, then running and hiding from the onslaughts of life, people, wild animals and the environment was often the first choice. We now know that evolution takes thousands of years not just a few hundred and amazing guys like Darwin have shown us why this is the case.  

This being the case, it’s truly time to understand ourselves based on this view point and realise that fighting, running and avoiding things are not helping us deal with the challenges in our lives. Accepting this will allow you to take the first and biggest step to change that I believe we can make. Understanding that if we challenge ourselves to do what we need to do, often can seem while we are starting to do this, is the hardest choice for us to do. But it is time to face whatever it is that has or is happening, accepting this is actually the most powerful and effective way to help us get through the hard times. The best way to start facing something today is to do it as soon as possible, either as soon as we have decided or as soon as we can in that day, as the longer we put things off the bigger our fears and resistances can grow within us, making it feel much harder to then deal with the challenges at hand. If our fears start rising due to avoidance and putting things off, we can find ourselves making excuses to do it the next day. Remember this will not stop us having to do it, it will just mean that we will then have to endure another painful day of worry, as avoiding things just escalates our internal fear responses. Being honest most things do have to be faced at some time or another and the quicker we get it done the quicker it will be over.

We can’t change the issues and what we have to face, but we can change how long we spend trying to face them.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at more ways to help with life’s challenges and what things we can also do to help us find our way through the tough times in our lives. Let’s not let things break us, let’s make them enhance who we are. Life is all about learning and growing, maybe we have to take the stance that in facing a challenge and coming through it that we all get the personal growth this can give us. I am a great believer in this as without all the life challenges I have had to face in my life then I would be here, doing what I do. My challenges have led me to be more self-empowered and have the deep understand of who we are and where the dark times in our lives can take us too. But with the process of healing and change we can come to find a deeper connection to who we are and this allows us to grow and evolve. Sometimes great things can come from challenging times and if these things are behind us, then it’s time to see ourselves as the strong survivors of those times not the victims of the pain of our past. If what’s happened is over, then its times to turn the corner and start to see things from this new perspective in the now and find the gifts that challenging ourselves truly give us.

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