Mental Podcast- My Story

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In January I had the pleasure of being interviewed for The Mental Podcast, it is an amazing podcast series designed to reduce the stigma around mental health and it was a brilliant opportunity for me to discuss how hypnotherapy can benefit people with anxiety and other mental health conditions. I spoke about my own personal experiences and the journey it took for me to get to where I am today.

In 2017 One in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19 year olds had at least one mental disorder when assessed in 2017, since 1999 this has continued to grow with the study in 2017 finding a prevalence in 2 to 4 year olds. It’s statistics like this that mean we need to take action, to both treat and prevent mental health issues in the future. Our younger generation is at risk and Mental Podcast have started a petition to bring Mental Health Education into the curriculum for schools- something that will be incredibly valuable for children across the UK.

You can see it here:

Petition to ‘Get Mental Health Education on the School Curriculum’ – Join us at http://bit.ly/MentalPetition

What you may or may not know about me, is that as a young child I experienced a lot of social issues and came from a troubled background. I’m dyslexic and with a speech impediment so didn’t begin speaking until a late age. The support in schools at that stage didn’t exist, which left me highly anxious and leaving school finally meant I had an opportunity to reinvent myself.

Like many others, anxiety disconnected me emotionally and I wasn’t aware of it until later on. Many people who come to see me experience the rush of anxiety and wonder where it came from and why? Although a trigger can set a panic attack, it has more than likely been bubbling under the surface for a length of time but denial and avoidance pushes it below the surface.

In school, everything is measured by achievement and for children who aren’t where does this leave them? Feeling anxious and lacking self-worth and breeding insecurities. School does cultivate an environment for anxiety to grow, exams, pressures and timescales. Even the teachers are experiencing the pressure and anxiety which in turn filters down to the children.

Without inner safety and security, you are forever looking outside of yourself to validate yourself instead of realising your own worth. For some people it pushes them to succeed and out-do themselves, it gave me a pretty successful career in an estate agent. However, without constant goals it does leave time for retrospect and the anxiety begins to creep back in, what was bubbling under the surface starts to reappear.

My personal trigger was being in an armed robbery, estate agents used to have building societies and as I was locking up 2 men forced me back inside to get the money. It was this moment that blew the lid off my anxiety and it the cracks really started to show. Still in a state of denial, I continued to search for validation outside of myself and travelled the world. Obviously this still isn’t going to fill the void, but it did start me on the path to where I am today. I was very fortunate to stay in a Buddhist monastery for 2 weeks, there was absolutely no communication or interference from others or the outside world and it literally turned my life upside down. I started to explore hypnotherapy and it was life changing.

Being a perfectionist by nature I realised in order to practice hypnotherapy I needed to be a mirror of transformational change. My past became a tool to help me understand and build connections and resonance with people who come to me.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to reset our minds, it uses the brains own systems in order to deal with conflict, which is why it works so well. While we do things on a conscious level, hypnotherapy works with the unconscious and makes what you want to do, something you can do. There are many different techniques used in hypnotherapy and it’s not a one shoe fits all, I work with everyone on an individual basis to come up with the solution that will be most beneficial for them.

Anxiety is a great thing and has enable us to evolve but it is misplaced in modern society. We don’t need to fight anymore, so our primeval mind has nothing to do and that’s why we have phobias. A spider won’t hurt you- but our primeval mind needs something to do, think about when you miss the bottom step and your stomach jumps, that brief moment is your primeval mind kicking in.

Don’t Feed the Cat Series

I started seeing young adults and children coming in more frequently, 10-15% of my work is now children and teens. I saw how much hypnotherapy helped them and it really did spur me on for them to have something concrete they can take away.

The second book is due out very soon, if you want to pre-order email: sara@hypnosara.blog

Thanks for dropping by, Sara x

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