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Life can be hard and we can feel like giving up at times, but it’s important to be persistent in what we do, great things come to those that continue to try. I know all too well when things are tough, the desire to just give up is an easy one, to slip down the Ladder into that frozen state. In this place we are stuck in those old habits and relive the fears and memories from the past, moving forward is not something we can do from this place. To move forward we need to be in a calm place and we can easily do this once we off from the bottom levels of the ladder. Each time we slide down we are wasting time, this time could be spent on helping us achieve our dreams, desires and goals. It’s time to stop that process of change by strengthening our persistent I love this quote by Emmerson:

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”

Persistence is all about continuing to push yourself in spite of the difficulties and opposition, it’s time to find ways which help you strengthen your resolve in this process, that will ultimately help you reach your goal quicker, and easier.  One of the key things is to stay positive if we slip into that negative mindset, we are then letting our mind push us in the wrong direction. Our minds are the most powerful thing we could ever know and its times to support our minds in keeping in that positive mindset. If people pull us down its time to find ways to change the dynamic of those relationships, a few months ago I wrote a series of blogs on this, go back to Debbie Downers and the ones close to this for more ideas on how to do this.

Keep going, never give up, push through, stay strong, keep hope and you will reach your dreams, some of the most amazing things that have been achieved and created in our world are with persistence. Let your journey of change have this strong secure theme that runs through it and your life too as this helps you keep going and hold those positive new patterns your working to create. This is the key to help make those changes, to become the best version of yourself and reach your goals. If those negative or pessimistic thoughts come to your mind, just shoo them away, don’t give them any attention. If we start that process of feeding them, then they will just grow, always remember Don’t Feed The Cat, often if we start we can then struggle to stop just like the blog Serial Worrier explains all about this. This blog could be your motivator to help you keep striving and I have added all the links to these other blogs to help you find them easily.  Well actually I haven’t but my lovely social media lady Katy has, I must thank you, Katy, for all your help and what an amazing support you have been from day one, in getting the blogs out to everyone.  Sometimes like I have Katy to help me reach my dream maybe you need a Katy in your life to help you reach yours too. If we can find that person who is our supporter then don’t let them just keep offering to help, grasp it with both hands. Sometimes changing can be hard on our own and that extra hand can help us to keep pushing forward.

Persistence doesn’t have to be lonely we can team up with people and I am on your team with the blogs to give you that strength and Hope to Believe The Impossible and collectively lets work together to do this. It’s not only about receiving help but giving help can distract us from our worries and help us keep that mental strength to push through the challenges to achieving our goals. Helping other people change and supporting good causes can spread that strength, sometimes we don’t realise how much we have until we are put to the test. Seeing other peoples challenges in life can help us gain more perspective and strength to help us with our own challenges. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, don’t stay stuck on your own find ways to share and also give to others and lighten the load of change. Make a pact with your partner, friend or work colleague, to work together in your own challenges, two heads are better than one, feed each other with the strength you need to reach your goals. When you get tempted to slip into that negative space in your head or to slide back down the ladder, come and listen to me there are now hours of listening in the Download Library. I bet you haven’t heard them all or even if you have to listen again let me be your strength to help you keep going in the challenging times of your life.

I know you will all make it, but all I want for all of you is to get there as quickly as you can life is precious and let’s not waste a drop of it.  Let’s keep strong and persistent in challenging ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves, keep stepping.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

2 thoughts on “Persist”

  1. In the narrative about Persist a paragraph reads … ‘Make a pact with your partner, friend or work college’, – should college read colleague


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