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Firstly, I would like to dedicate this to one of my clients who used the analogy with me yesterday over how she can drain herself and the negative consequences this can have on her. I loved the analogy and I would like to dedicate this blog to you Sam.

Last week we were looking at how building things up emotionally and leaving these unchecked can cause us to break our emotional dam and how moving forward from this breaking point can be slow and uncomfortable. Today we look at how we can physically get to breaking point and the impact this can have on our mood, energy and overall health. If you imagine your cars petrol tank and how firstly we have to use the right fuel for our car or the consequences can be catastrophic. I do think we are all becoming more aware of what has a negative impact on our health in the food and drink we have. So, we have filled our tank up hopefully with the right fuel and then as it goes down we top it up. This is just how our bodies work, everything we do uses up fuel, from the extremes like exercise to just breathing and everything in between. Stress can also play a massive factor in how much fuel we need to use as energy in our bodies, we can respond in an instant to possible danger and then as quickly as it has started it can stop it. This is amazing and is the flight-fight and freeze response which has kept us safe throughout the history of mankind. But if we are constantly stressed, we are then always over using our energy to fuel this, they say it takes six times as much energy to be stressed as it does to be relaxed.  If you are running on this continuous high-stress level, then you will be often be running your bodies fuel on the red.  Being honest it’s amazing how our bodies work and the resilience that they can have even faced with adversity. But extending this over long periods of time our bodies just can’t be neglected like this without serious consequences and it will wreak havoc in your overall health.


Let’s imagine in your life there’s too much output and not enough input and we keep our tank on the low side just like our Dam being overfull both of these analogies have the same consequences. Pushing ourselves until we break is not an attractive proposition and not one I would ever recommend. If your tank is always low, you end up with all the bits at the bottom now clouding your fuel at a way higher level then recommended. This is the same with our bodies without the clean fuel to support our body systems, we won’t have the energy to function properly. The toxins will be undiluted, your excess adrenaline will be highly concentrated, your body sugars levels too high, I could continue but you get the picture. This is what it is like running our bodies close to empty and then eventually for many of us at some point we will just clog up and break. This is very clear if we run our cars to the super low levels of fuel, it then just takes that one step too far and your car is in serious trouble. Things that shouldn’t be travel in your fuel line now are and this is then travelling throughout your whole engine. Our bodies are no different if we run on empty we can’t function properly, and all it can take is just that one extra push and then we are broken.


If we get to this point, we then not only have the issues over running but now we don’t feel like we can work at all. This can not only impact us on a psychical level, but it will also impact us in our mood and our day to day ability to be present and cope with life. We can often then find ourselves retreating from life as our bodies are doing everything to reserve the fuel as there is nothing left to use. We can then end up in a recovery position, just trying to get by as best we can, our moods can be low, we can feel fatigued, we can lack motivation and also feel flat. You might say well just fill up the tank and off we go then but it isn’t as simple as that, just like the Dam analogy you have to find the pieces to rebuild your dam.  The difference is here is that you have to find the things you have pulled from the bottom of your tank and that have now blocked your body from working correctly. Emotions are hard enough, this can be even harder, we don’t know where to look or in fact where to turn, which just continues to keep us in a fear state. We can then just keep our bodies over running and this will just continue in pumping all the negative stuff around our bodies too. To recover it take time, we have to admit that we have broken ourselves and we can’t continue to do what we used to do. I know this is a hard step, but we have to otherwise we don’t allow our bodies to move out of the fear state and without this cycle stopping we trapped on the hamster wheel of fear. Once you have done this it will just take time, your body has to clear the crap it pulled up from the bottom of your tank. You need rest, patience, good food, support and the ability to listen to your instinct. Finally, it’s important to not be afraid that you will not come out of this, for many of us who have got to this point we have been to the GP had lots of tests and found nothing wrong. This can be frustrating and scary at the same time as we can then start thinking about what it is? But we have to turn this around. It’s time to admit that if they can’t find anything serious then there probably isn’t anything and we just need to take the time to heal and recover.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x



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