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We have been looking at the pain pleasure and reward system last week and today I want to explore this a little more. We looked at some examples of ways in which we may be feeling lost in the battle of this imbalance between our pain, pleasure and reward senses, today we look at ways to help shift your focus. Let’s consider this issue as a veil clouding our view, a way we look at the world, which can at its worst blinding us completely to the true world or just shading the world and shifting us from true rational focus.  Being blind to the world would be like having a thick heavy veil shutting out the light, but it also blurs our sense of smell and taste. This veil covering our head which will shroud our mind, blurring us from that true perception stopping us from experiencing things clearly. The veil is the learning we have taken on board and we now view the world through this, we know that if something big happens in our lives then the pain, pleasure and reward dynamic can make a transformational change within us. But let’s be honest who wants to wait to change by being pushed into change, what stops us lifting the veil, feeling, sensing, tasting and experiencing the world in a true way.


Firstly, we have to start work in changing the veil from this solid covering and start to soften it allowing light, true smell, taste and experience to start to come through.  A really good way of doing this is to start to look at how our world would change is we rebalanced our pain pleasure and reward dynamic and chose to love and live a healthy life instead of the distorted one.  The best way to do this is to take some time and look at how your life would change without this distortion in your life. What would it bring you? How would it positively impact you? How would you feel? What would your new life look like? Starting this process is the second step, after the first one which is choosing you can’t and don’t want to live this way anymore. We need to change what we experience and if we use our imagination and start to feed our minds with new images and possibilities then changing will become a lot easier. Imagine our mind being shown a movie where we have the leading role in the film and we see how we would live without this imbalance in our lives and the burden of the issues. If we can see what our lives would be like when we change, then the veil will be starting to soften, clearing the view and letting our new life we want to be living to start to come through.

The more time we feed our minds with the images and the new ways of living, the easier it will be to change, we have all heard of the saying seeing is believing, this is exactly what our mind needs to start doing. It needs to start seeing how we can change, and what change would look like for us, how it would feel, taste, smell etc. If we can’t see ourselves ever letting these distortions go, then our mind won’t be able to help us. Take time to save some images, create a vision board, listen to motivational speakers who have changed their lives and start the processing of shifting the veil and feeding your mind with this positive input. The more those positive things are absorbed into your mind the less intense the veil that has clouded your true perspective will become. You will move from being blind and cut off from seeing a new way of living outside of those old distortions, your imagination is the key to this, its time to start seeing yourself in your new life, living without them.


For many of you, you have been living this distorted way for as long as you can remember so it will take time, but it is time to let the light of true perception in. This will help to soften the imbalances and allow the fear that has been driving you to soften too. Making a big life change or clearing a long-term issue will take time so don’t expect to instantly step into this new perfect life. We will fall off the wagon, lose focus, slip back, give in, but always be clear this will happen so be prepare and don’t let slipping back take over. Accept this has happened and say to yourself that was just the old veil slipping down and covering your true view. Don’t wallow in this slip-up, tell yourself you’re not going to be stopping this way or treading that old path again, work hard with your new life focus and the veil will lift out of the way again. With pain, pleasure and reward issues we often get that distortion coming through in the way of excusing, we will do it tomorrow, just one more, we deserve it, we need it, we can’t live without it. Always remember that is just the veil covering you, it is not real, and it is not necessary to keep it there. Get all the motivational stuff you set up to help you see life without this, putting this back into the forefront of your mind and hit your mind hard with the positivity to help you reset again.

Over time the veil will be so fine and light it will just dissolve completely, it didn’t appear overnight, it took months and sometimes years of negative conditioning, so do allow every part of you, time to readjust into your new life. Remember to use all your senses like the movie, start to taste the success, sense the power of change, put your heart soul and mind into changing. The more we throw ourselves into changing the easier change will be.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x