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We are continuing to look at ways in which we may be living that will be stopping us from truly relaxing inside and enabling us to be ourselves. If we can’t be ourselves then we won’t be able to relax fully and if we can’t relax fully, a part of our nervous system will be on red alert.  If we are going into a new situation, it is quite normal we will not feel truly relaxed, and this is fine, but if we live our lives constantly this way over time this will just be way too much for us to contend with. We can often think that the most confident people must be super secure inside and for many, this is the case, but for others, this is far from the truth. These people will be like an Easter egg they have all that outer confidence and it looks amazing from the outside, but inside they are hollow and don’t have that internal strength and an inner confidence within them.


These people may be very hard to spot and sometimes they may not even know it themselves, but they will find it very hard to relax and may often find it difficult to connect emotionally too. As they are so used to living in this external world that their inner connections to themselves have withered away. Showing that strong front in the past was ok, as we weren’t at the same level of emotional society we have now, even 50 years ago it was super different. The world we lived in was more physically based, and we needed that strong outer shell to keep the big bad world out. To navigate our world now, we are needing more and more emotional intelligence, without these internal connections we can feel disconnected from the world around us. Also, being an Easter egg will make us feel anxious inside, as just like an Easter egg they have the look of being strong, but they can quite easily to be broken. Without that inner substance of inner strength, safety and security we will feel anxious, often lacking that confidence we need to be secure inside, making life feel scary and unsafe.

If this is you, then it’s time to look at developing that inner safety and security, just like the Easter egg everything is externally focused, most eggs are plain inside but well decorated outside. It’s time to start connecting to your feelings and it’s time to know that it is safe to do that, it will feel a bit alien as it more than likely been a long time since you have been connected to your inner self. Being who we are and feeling safe and secure inside is a great feeling worthy of taking the time to do this. Initially, you may feel scared to do this but as you start working this through, those inner sides of yourself will start to feel stronger. It’s not fun at all living this way pretending that everything is ok when it’s not is not a fun way to be and it only continues to send those insecure messages, compounding how we feel.


Becoming safe and secure inside takes time and starting with the easiest steps is the best way forward, start with the people we know and trust is the best place to begin. Just being able to admit that we don’t feel great is often a massive step in the process of change. No one really expects you to be that strong anyway, its often only you that feels the need to keep this hard shell up. This change will send such a strong message to our inner minds, enabling to help us to stop pretending we are ok, also we are now facing what it is that is making us feel anxious or insecure, this is a big step too. Every day as we approach things from this new stance we will be adding a new inner layer to us and if we imagine the Easter egg with the inner part getting smaller and smaller, as we become more solid and secure inside. If things seem hard just take a step back and re-evaluate why we are dealing with things in this way, often we find there is no real reason at all, just the old habits that send the messages to keep doing the same old thing.

As time passes you will become more emotionally connected to who we are, it’s often harder not to, as life is driving us in this direction, if we’re living the life of an Easter egg we will feel left out and not as strong and solid as we would like to be.  It is safe to be who we truly are inside and out, also, it’s safe to admit we’re not perfect and everything doesn’t need to look perfect on the outside anymore.  It’s the empty and hollow insides of us that we end up feeling if we spend our time focused on this outer shell and it can feel dark, lonely and scary living this way. We don’t have to be perfect, nothing is, it’s safe to make mistakes and not take ourselves too seriously when we’re safe and secure inside it’s so much easier to do this.


Make this Easter when you break out of those old patterns and start your journey to find your inner self, building that inner safety and security as you go along. Some of you are a complete Easter egg inside but many of us have pockets or holes inside. Challenge yourself to become totally solid, giving you the freedom to be safe and secure being you. Feeling free and connected to our inner self is great, it’s liberating and we should feel blessed that we have the opportunity in our lives to do this. Grasp it with both hands and keep the regular challenges going, looking back after a few months is the best way to see change, where you were then to where you are now. These types of changes do take time, so don’t get disheartened or expect a miracle, just keep seeing those thin layers of chocolate filling the inside of the egg, just imagining the inside of the Easter egg shrinking until the whole has gone. Just like the egg the first layers, we have to cover have so much more area then inner layers, so know that as you go on it will become easier and easier to change.

Let your strength that has kept the outsides of you so strong for all these years, help you on the journey to inner strength.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x



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