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The last blog was all about how we can really whisk up the feelings, worries and messages within us, blowing things out of proportion and often causing anxiety. I guess for all of us at times we naturally do this, it’s often a way of helping us to come to terms with things. We can chat it through in our minds and hopefully we come to a solution about the situation, we often then chat this through with friends and family too. As we continue to look at the situation that is challenging us we are working at finding our solution to this or if we can’t we accept as a positive submission of what we can’t change we have to just let it go.


This is ultimately the best way to work things through we can just let them go and keep our minds, clear and so, in turn, we can be calm and in the moment. Let’s look again at our analogy of whisking up meringues as a way of understanding our worries. This shows you how we can blow things out of proportion, making your worries feel bigger and much more solid then what they truly are. So, let’s now think about what happens if we don’t let these worries go, we have a big bowl of worries and our mind now has to do something with them. It can’t just keep them in that format in our heads it has to process them, even if it’s not in a positive way that we talked about earlier.

Our mind will pipe out the worry mixture as a way of trying to break the issues down into more sizeable sections, to help to deal with them more easily, then pop them in our minds to bake. Our mind is like an oven, we have lots going in and out of it, there different levels, different areas, temperatures and a whole array of settings. I guess we all have things that get stuck over baking in our minds, these are the things we can’t seem to work through to a rational solution. If we have put a baking tray full of meringues in the oven and every time we turn it on they are getting baked again and again. These meringues are no longer soft inside they are hard right to the core, as we have continued to over bake them.  Whenever we connect with ourselves we are aware even if only on a subconscious level of what our mind is holding onto, these unresolved things become more solid and heavy creating a real burden within us. This is what happens when we don’t let things go we, we just stuff our heads full of things which are heavy and cumbersome to hold onto. Also, if we don’t let them go we also don’t have room in our minds for any new or positive things.


It’s time to clear out our minds from all these left-over worries which have got baked so many times they are like rocks just weighing our minds down. We had firstly, whisked them up making them quite solid but now after weeks, months and even years of baking they have become like bricks. If you have been carrying a worry habit in your mind for a long time, you can see by this analogy that it will feel very heavy and a burden to you. But just take the time to remember that it is only this way due to the fact you have left it in your mind without resolving it. Also, remember what this really is and for many of us this isn’t something that is real or even necessary to carry in our minds anymore, but we are so used to holding it we must give ourselves time to let it go.

Often when we try to let a worry habit go we can expect too much of ourselves and if we have had something for a long time, we have to understand that it will take time. If we are so used to having these things inside our minds, then not having them there will seem strange as well. We need to take our time to chip away at the baked bricks of worry and as we start to see them shrinking, then we need to positively embrace the change. Yes, of course, it’s not gone yet but it’s going, we will have better days and others that make us feel we are slipping back. That’s ok too, we need to focus on the things we are changing and not the things that aren’t otherwise we are just moving our old brick of worry into the new whisked up habit of worrying.


It’s time to take the pressure of yourself and start chipping away at change, the more times you work to distract yourself and change things up, the better you will feel. We are all unique and this is also the case in how we hold onto worries and those patterns that go with them. Let’s take one more look at the oven analogy, your worries are placed in the oven of your mind and left in there to bake and bake growing more solid. Different things could then happen depending on how hot the oven is cranked up too or not as the case may be. If we are over focusing on our worries we will be turning the temperature up, so they up they could explode, catch fire, cause smoking to fill the oven or they could splatter themselves over the inner lining of the cooker and shelves then continue to bake solid onto them. All of these analogies can happen with worry, we have all let things implode within us at times and if we think back we would have been over thinking and worrying about the issues. The same goes for catching fire, we work ourselves up with the worries and then just see red, also the smoke is like us affecting our ability to see the worries clearly and also stopping us from seeing the positive healthy things we have going on in our minds. Then things that have become splattered and baked onto the pure foundations of who we are will seem like we just can’t let this go, as it feels so totally connected to us on a deep and embedded level.

It doesn’t matter which way you have been cooking your worries or what has happened, it’s time to turn the cooker off, letting it cool down, take out what isn’t needed in there and give it a good old clean. When you have the re-occurring thought, just imagine opening the oven and safely throwing the over baked things away. Then get yourself back into the moment and into distracting yourself, your mind will remember this analogy, helping you on the journey of letting these worry habits go.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x


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