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Now is the time to take a new view on life, last week we looked at how our early programming are the foundations of who we are and that good programmes will enhance our ability to succeed and be the best version of ourselves. On the other hand, the negative ones will be at large within us, sabotaging our ability to achieve things, knocking our confidence by allowing us to continue to follow those old programs.


Let’s look at this mind set in more detail so that you can gain a better understanding of how our minds work in these situations.

If you have ever been thinking about buying a new car, maybe you have met someone new in your life or a friend or family member has just bought a new car. You may have noticed that you now see that type of car everywhere, they are parked on the roadsides, you pass them as you drive, they are beside you in the queues and you see them as your parking. It might seem like they are everywhere, and you might have even thought, I didn’t know that there was as many of this type of car on the roads and prior to you connecting with type of car, there didn’t seem to be. So, what has changed? Are there more of these cars now on the road? No there isn’t, they have always been there, nothing has changed except your focus. Now you can see how our focus and particularly our unconscious focus can have a massive impact on what we can see and experience around us. The thing is with this is that, not only do you see more of that type of car, you will also not notice other different types of cars in the process as your conscious mind only has a limited amount of processing space. Your unconscious mind is 90% of our mind total capacity, it thinks it is doing you a favour by showing you what it thinks you want to see. Its only doing this because you have been over focusing on that car, either by looking at in magazines, car showrooms or online, or if its someone else’s car maybe your hoping to see that person and are keen to see them and your mind is just searching out what you desire.  Which of course is fine for the car situation it doesn’t really have a negative impact on your life, unless you keep seeing your Ex’s car and maybe it triggers you to think about what they’re doing now without you.

This example of how your mind works doesn’t just stop here, this is happening with everything we do in our lives as our unconscious mind is like a massive filtering and focusing system helping you connect to the things it thinks you should be seeing.  This links back to those early programming patterns we are carrying. Like my son Josh he was programmed to look for the lucky things in life. His mind holds this belief and is focusing him to look and move in those lucky directions, of course he could have chosen many other directions but because of his inner programmes and his beliefs he is normally drawn to the lucky ones. If you’re not feeling that life is supporting you or you keep finding yourself back in a negative pattern then it’s your old programming that keeps sending you down this root. There are lots more options to try and follow, but just like the car scenario you need to stop being drawn to the same old roots which keep leading you negatively into those old beliefs.


Hypnosis, affirmations and the fake it till you make it is just what you need. If you want to see good things in your life then it’s time to start visualising those things happening to you, this will start the process of rewriting those old programs. There are lots of great things out there for you but you need to start to believe it, faking it till you make it will help you do this.

Believing in yourself is the key, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. There are no limits out here, the only limits are those that you impose upon yourself or that were imposed onto us as a child. Dream, visualise, create, reprogram, start the process of belief and take action to do this is the key. Identify what you truly want and how you want to live your life, start with the small thing and once you start to see the change start to dream big and don’t ever give up. You have to go after what you want or you will be confined to the life that you have stumbled into by the old programming patterns in your mind.

brendan-church-579470-unsplashThe majority of people are confined to the life they lead by the fear of change, afraid to move out of their comfort zone, but it isn’t really a comfort zone as people like to call it, it is the just getting by zone, the cowardice zone, the hiding zone, the average zone and the treading water zone. Your mind is the key that will unlock the door to your potential, your fearlessness, your courage, your ambition, your drive, your determination and your perseverance.

We do not see the world as it is, but as we feel it should be, if you don’t like what you see start changing those old limiting programs. When you change for the better then everything around you will change for the better. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Turn a new page in your life today and rewrite a new script, don’t let the first chapter of your life determine the rest of your life. Just think about the car scenario and how much is there outside of the one type of car you’re stuck seeing, all you need to do is to start believing, to start to see other things around you.  Forget the past, we all have had our fair share of disappointments in life, but don’t live in the past, it has gone. It’s time to focus your mind on success keep faking it to make it, remember if you want to achieve something it’s time to imagine and believe that you have it already. All of your actions should be focused on having your new mind set, having achieved your goals, live and breathe and feel your success. It is the mind that holds the majority of people back from going after what they truly want. The mind is what has been paralyzing you from taking action. Once you break down those mental barriers that have imprisoned you, you will live life differently, your perspective, your actions, your goals, your plans, your limits, and fears will disappear.


Believe in yourself. I know you can do it. This is your life, so you have to do what is right for you. Nobody else is walking in your shoes. It’s all about practice just like learning to drive a car it was hard at first but after continual practice it becomes automatic.  Before you know it, you are cruising through life on a positive auto pilot just like you are when driving becomes automatic. For many of you who drive you may have experienced this when you’re used to going to work a certain way, when you’re heading down that road on the weekends you find yourself heading to work again.  It’s time to set your goals, see the vision, make the plans, and take daily consistent action. Consistency is the key, so many people want the good life but just give up after a few days or they don’t even try. If you are truly serious about moving your life in a new direction you need to take action every single day. One day you will then find that you will have done the positive things without even thinking about it first, that’s when you know it’s started to become a positive automated habit.

Success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon positive repetition is the key, your mind is a powerful force don’t let it negative enslave you, work every day from now on to empower your mind.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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