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Let’s look today at the beginning of your life and how we are all programmed from birth onwards, 95% of our life come from the programmes we have developed in the first seven years of our lives. In studies, we have found that as children we are functioning at a lower vibrational frequency, just like we are when we are in hypnosis. This is the time when our minds absorb the most information, this is the state we are in as children, we are just like bone dry sponges absorbing everything that is happening to us and happening around us. This brain wave state is called theta which is both the child state and hypnosis, this is how children can have such amazing imaginations and have imaginary friends as they are in this altered state.  Also, this is why hypnosis can be so powerful as it harnesses our powerful imagination and just like children think make-belief things are real, we can also make things we don’t feel possible to be possible with hypnosis.

This is because we need to have a foundation to build our consciousness on, if we don’t have this how can we become conscious beings, this is why nature has built our minds this way so that we can use our early leaning to be the foundations of our consciousness. You might say why isn’t this done before we are born? Well the reason is, is that we all have to live very different lives and what building blocks for my consciousness to sit on, can be very different to say an Eskimo living a totally different life to me.  We have to watch our parents, siblings, community and the world around us to create our personal foundations for our conscious brain to sit on top of. How many rules do we have to have, to live in a family, please, thank you, other manners, health and hygiene rules, religious rules, educational rules and then of course it’s not just our family’s rules. We then have to go into society and learn those rules, the rules of school, work then all interactions with people are all being downloaded within us, probably as many as 100,000 rules.


If we have come from a difficult back ground, and we have already got that belief within us, we’re not good enough, who do you think you are, you’re a bad person, you will never make it, you’re useless, you need to be afraid. This list of negative beliefs can be quite extensive for some people and these are the things our unconscious mind uses as the drivers which are all built into those early programmes our mind has created, these can be big limiters for us trying to achieve our dreams. Our unconscious negative beliefs can just make us sabotage ourselves and keep us following and repeating those first few years of our lives early learnt programs.  We are often only using 5 to 10 percent of our conscious mind, as much of what we do is all coming from these early unconscious programmes. We feel like we are in control, but are we? Or is it just our old programmes that are in control. I believe this is why many of us can sabotage our own success, causing us to fail more easily, creating issues with our success, not because we want this, purely because our mind believes this is the way to live.

You may have heard of this saying “give me the child until 7 and I will show you the man” by Aristotle who lived over two thousand years ago. He was an amazing guy and he spent extensive time studying the human psyche. This Greek philosopher is considered to be the father of western philosophy and since his findings there has been lots more research carried out with the similar findings, that our first seven years shape who we are. All we have to do is look at our lives and see what comes into our own minds to know this is true, the positive beliefs strengthen us and bad ones sabotage us.


Here’s a story about my son, I knew this was the case re our early programming before he was born and knew how we are programmed by our beliefs and wanted to give my son a gift in life. I knew there are many things I could and would teach him, but somethings need to go beyond teaching and need to be a belief to have that major positive impact on him. I decided I wanted him to believe he was lucky, as people who are lucky always feel happier with life and seem to attract the good things into their lives. From an early age, I would say to him, oh that was lucky, how lucky are you, when anything happened I could apportion to luck. It not only became a belief system for him but it became a habit for me too, after many years I was still talking about luck to him and not really considered it as I did when he was younger. When Josh became about 14, I started to notice that he was now saying he was lucky when something positive happened and I also started to notice that in fact he was quite lucky at things. I didn’t say anything I just let him continue thinking and saying he was lucky, until one day when he was about 16 or 17 we were chatting about something that he thought he had been lucky with. Josh went on to tell me that all of his friends told him he was a jammy so and so and that if anyone was going to win or get something it was him. I was shocked to hear that everyone around him was now reinforcing the belief of luck with him, just as I had done when he was young. He is still to this day one of the luckiest people I know and I couldn’t be prouder of how successful he has become. Of course, I don’t place it all on the belief of luck in his life, but I do feel that has helped along with lots of hard work and the desire to achieve great things on his part too.

We can’t get those times back in our lives but we can change how we move forward, all we have to do is look at what we are struggling with in the now, what do we try and try to do, but still finding we fail. These are the thing that I believe show that you are holding a negative belief system from the past which is sabotaging you in the now. If this is you then it’s time to change this, you need to reprogram your mind, you can use hypnosis, positive affirmations and lots of practice. We don’t just automatically learn things it practice, practice, and more practice that will make it happen.


Over the next few weeks we will be looking at ways to help you achieve positive change in your life and start achieving to your full potential.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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