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We have been looking at negative personality types and here is the final few that I will highlight today for you. We need to understand that we are all unique and that mainly we are a box of liquorice allsorts varied and different in many ways and that of course is just how it should be. The extremes of negative and toxic people are the ultimate worse scenario for us and then of course the overload of living or working with someone for many years can have a similar effect on us. It’s like the drip-feeding effect, where the negativity is slowly, over time soaked up into how we feel and the toxicity can then disrupt our mood, dampening our spirts and effecting our confidence in the process.


The next couple of toxic people are listed as personality disorders like the passive aggressive personalities we look at last week. The extremes of these types of people, think, feel, behave and relate to people in very different ways to the average person.  These types of people maybe receiving medical help, but for many they are living in denial of their issues, and these people can be impacting your life if you live, work or socialise with these types of people.

The narcissist acts like they are god’s gift to the universe, always thinking that they know everything, is the better than everyone else at everything and of course always reminding you of this. No matter how smart or experienced you are, you can never measure up to this person as they always see themselves as better than you. This type of person is very toxic, as the narcissist places themselves on a pedestal and looks down at you. This can then make you feel you have to compete with this person, as the extremes of their competitive side can make us feel we have to try and prove ourselves. Which of course we don’t and wouldn’t work anyway as these people would find a way of having done it better then you. Narcissists are often unwilling to compromise, lack insight and have often no empathy and all they really want is to be the centre of attention.  They may ruin special occasions, such as your birthday or special milestones because they constantly need praise, even when it is someone else’s time to shine. Narcissists have very thin skin that is easily pricked and is easy to get under, which can release rage and hate because their self-esteem issues and the deep rooted internal hate of who they are. Narcissists are willing to destroy everything and everyone around them when they feel hurt or rejected. So, don’t join in with them, it’s a waste of time if you not playing the game and getting you to see them as the centre of the world, they will move on and find situations that will.


The antisocial personality is again defined as a personality disorder and in the worst cases can have sociopathic tendencies too, which they say can have come from some level of trauma or childhood abuse. These types of people are highly toxic and can be explosive and sometimes violent in their behaviour. These people can be very challenging as they can be very impulsive, irresponsible and sometimes criminal in their behaviour. They can also be very manipulative, deceitful and reckless, without having any regard for others welfare.  At the extremes of this spectrum will be a psychopath who would have no feelings of empathy or remorse, and this can mean these types of people even on a lesser level are happy to take advantage of you.

Life can be hard and growing up can be a challenge and the teenage times of our lives are often the most difficult in understanding who we are. On a lesser level, we can say teenagers have gone off the rails and can be forgiven, but if this continues then it may be just the signs of the chameleon personality of a psychopath. The extremes of these personality’s, are often very dangerous as they can be like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and can appear to be not what they truly are. But don’t let me scare you in anyway as these people are very few and far between but it is important for us to know who we are in every relationship we are in. If we are not able to be who we are, or know who we are, then people can try and manipulate us, or take advantage of us. So, it’s important to learnt to understand who you and what is best for you, learn between right and wrong and strive to be the best version of yourself.


The final type of person is a CBA (can’t be arsed) a person who just really can’t be arsed with many things in their life, these are the people who always think everything is too hard or too much trouble. They have seemingly given up and feel totally in capable of achieving anything in their lives, often spending their time making sure everyone knows this. If you’re wanting to push yourself and achieve more with your daily goals then be careful of people with this attitude as they could lower your personal motivation. This will of course limit your ability to reach your personal goals and can then lead in circles of failure. The blog on motivation is worth another read if you are struggling to hit your goals, so that you can make sure that you or in fact anyone else is not getting in your way of this.

After having spent the last few weeks looking at different types of personalities and how these can negatively impact us in being the best version of ourselves. We need to understand for many of us we are not purely just one type, we can at times be a mixture of many types but the most toxic people are often a concentrated version of one the negative types of people we have been looking at.

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It’s important for us to understand we are never perfect and never will be and at times we can act out of character and sometimes we can let the pressures of life negatively impact us. As we strive to be the best we can, we have to accept this otherwise we will be searching for a level of perfection which we can never achieve. This will lead us to not being the best we can, as we will be forever putting ourselves down, not feeling good enough, knit picking at ourselves and who we are. These habits will hinder our ability to be a confident secure individual and it’s time to acknowledge this too. Next week we are looking at someone who can give us the inspiration to never give up and strive to make our dreams come true.


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3 thoughts on “Disorders”

  1. I must admit to being slightly CBA; I think its probably age related, i still manage to get out of bed for work every day, though i find its getting harder and my levels of interest in things that i used to enjoy have certainly lowered………I`m still trying to be positive though……………regards………..Andy


      1. “Try something new”…………….funny you should mention that, it has certainly crossed my mind recently……….Kind regards…………Andy

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