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I Can’t See The Cat looks at how anxiety can easily overpower our mind and distort our perception to things. We can delude ourselves by maybe saying, we’re not that bothered about joining that group, or chatting to the person next to us, we don’t know them, we’re far too busy, we can’t commit to going, we can’t afford it, we don’t really want to go, or whatever excuse we make.


If denial is the real reason you’re not doing something, it is just avoidance and you know now this avoidance will breed more fear, so stop avoiding things its making you more anxious. Your mind stores everything, it doesn’t forget, don’t use denial-avoidance your mind won’t be fooled.

The more we avoid, the more we tell our mind we are afraid, the fear grows, making us more anxious and then we want to avoid more things.
 You can see how the habits of avoidance can grow from one small avoidance, of course, if someone said doing this would have created all this anxiety you wouldn’t have done. It felt like it wasn’t a big thing and you maybe even didn’t fully acknowledge you were even doing it.


We think we are being sensible not pushing ourselves, doing what seems easy, we may even think it helps us but it’s not at all, it is a big part of the reason your feeling anxious.  Create a new challenge every week for yourself, keep your circle moving outwards not inwards.
 Remember it was you that made the circle spiral in, letting the worries grow, so of course it can spiral out and the anxiety will be released.

If you haven’t started your plan already, then start it today, I know you can do it, because I have been just where you are and know I am completely worry and anxiety free.
 You are fully aware of the many ways you have been making yourself feeling anxious, now it’s time to stop doing these things and start teaching your mind to feel safe. The old way was only making it worse-not better, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Steady steps are the best way learn, do the easy things first and build up to the bigger situations. If you’re still thinking that this needs more reinforcement and for most of us it will, I want you to use the full blogs on my site www.hypnosara.blog with the podcasts and videos.  Playing them lots will help, as it helps reinforce what you’re working to achieve.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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