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This is the best time of year to make changes in your life, and strive to be the best version of yourself, we have more motivation at this time of year then any other time. In some studies, gyms have a 40 % increase of new members and existing members are more active than any other part of the year.  It is great to take advantage of this, but now it’s time whatever you choose to do to make it last and not slip back into those old habits. We are all creatures of habit, even if we think were not. Even if we are the rebellious or free spirited person, sometimes doing what you’re not supposed to do, if this is you then, even you are in a habit of living this way and your mind will be directing you into situations that embrace this way of living. You’re just living under the guise that this is your way of being free, but the process of your unconscious mind and the habits we all have is so ingrained within, it hard for most people to resist, on one level or another.


Making that life long change has to be firstly born in that place of desire, that we really want this, we may want to lose weight but if we hate the gym then joining to lose weight in January will be a complete waste of time. Unless you approach it in a new way, with a training partner, new class you like, PT or new goals like running a marathon. But even with a new direct to an old undesirable thing, doesn’t always mean it will win you over. The same goes with anything we do in life we need to have that desire and passion to help make it a lasting change.  As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. This year make all your choices based on this statement. So that your new habits and New You can go the distance, making those new and positive habits the ones your mind will then remind you to continue doing.

If you choose to become more confident and happier with life, its time to start thinking about this in the right way so that you can put your energy into the right things that will help you move forward.


Also, let’s look at how our attitude to life and our mind set could be limiting our ability to change. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different types of mindsets and helping you to use the right one to change. If we believe we can change, we have a much bigger chance of changing than if we are thinking we can’t change or we approach things from a negative mindset.  These habits we may have been carrying for a long time and may have just been picked up from the people we grew up with and the people we now have in our lives. If this is the case firstly we need to change our mindset and then we need to not let other people’s behaviour impact us either. If we haven’t thought about things in this way, it’s time to start and see things more clearly.

We will be looking at Mood Hoovers, Lemon Suckers, Debbie Downers and CBA’s these negative ways of approaching life can have a massive impact on us, whether it us doing it or other people around us.  Our minds are amazing they are just like massive dry sponges and they soak up everything that’s around us, that’s why they spend trillions of pounds on advertising. We may think we’re not listening but in fact the back of our mind never switches off and just keep absorbing all that is happening around us. It does of course filter stuff out but if we keep responding in a certain way or other people do we start to create a mindset that will be negatively based and this will be a massive limiter on our ability to reach our goals and also be the best version of ourselves. Of course, if we are super positive and all we absorb is positive things then this will help us achieve so much more in our lives and it will be easier to be the best version of ourselves but unfortunately we’re not cocooned in this positive mind-set. The News industry has now has grown extensively over the last 20-30 years and most of the news we see and read is negative. There are lots of bad things that happen in the world and on a level, we should know this, we can’t live with our heads in the sand ether. The news now is 24-hour coverage and much of it is up to the minute. In studies it shows that people who over listen, read or watch the negative news spend more time thinking about their worries. Out of the two groups the news watchers were also more articulate in talking about the news and were more likely to catastrophize their worry’s then the other group, after a while a long-term exposure to this could it be making mountains out of mole hills?


I think its very easy to get stuck doing the same thing on repeat just like I mentioned earlier in the blog we are all creatures of habit and we may be responding in this way now not out of necessity but just purely habit. This may be the one thing that you’re not changing and that’s why trying to develop a new positive way of living is not becoming a habit, because you already have a habit which contradicts this. If the old habit has been running for a long time it will have developed a level of power in your mind not for the fact that you have to be this way more, for the fact that’s all your mind has a strong link to being this way. Also, if we keep failing and returning to this negative default pattern, then our mind from the moment we try to change already has decided that this is the normal route we follow and will be negatively pulling us in that direction of failure.

Life is precious let’s smile, be happy and as positive as we can, I know horrible things happen but we need to find ways to minimise the long-term impact on our lives, as the past is over, the future isn’t here yet, and we now need to live with joy in the moment.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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