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The Cat is Back- Mini

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The Cat Is Back blog looked at several ways you could be inadvertently feeding the cat.  Just like leaving the bins out or your back-door open, you’re letting the cat feed and keeping the worry habit going.


You may keep saying to yourself, you’re ok, you can do it, you don’t need to worry, this negative reassurance is feeding your worry habit. You might be thinking why that’s then? It’s a positive thing to say and I am only trying to motivate myself.  Now you know this isn’t the case, your mind is not silly and all it will be thinking is, if you are ok you wouldn’t be having to tell yourself you’re ok.  It also showed you that asking other people or even asking google for reassurance is the same, so the same principles apply. It doesn’t help, it just feeds your worry habit, making you more anxious.


These types of habits stem from our childhood, so you may not have even know you were doing it, but now that you do, there is no excuse to continue. Now is the time to change and start growing safety and security within you and it’s time to say NO to the things which don’t work. Be clear with yourself and have zero tolerance to these habits, because once you start it can be harder to stop.   Change does take effort and just like going to the gym you not going to pop out as superman after one session, but after a few weeks you will start seeing the difference. Following these simple rules will allow you to be another step closer towards being anxiety free.


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