Don’t Feed the Cat- Mini

This week, we’re revisiting the Cat blogs with a series of mini blogs to give you a boost ahead of the New Year. 

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Don’t Feed the Cat blog is all about a tiny stray cat that came to your house and you feed it, then each time it came back again you continued to feed it. This is just like the habit of worrying, the more you worry about something, the more the worries come back and the more the worries grow. If you keep feeding the cat it will grow bigger, this is the same thing that will happen with your worries and the more anxious you become.

The pleasure is though, now you know this, you have already started the process of change.  The simple answer is, if you don’t want the worries and the fears don’t feed them, just like the cat if you don’t feed it over time it will go away. You have learnt already to curb feeding the cat if the worries come; you don’t need to fight it, you just need to not feed it, distract yourself, do something different over time your mind will start forgetting the habit of worry. Pinpoint your worry danger zones, when you worry the most, then change what you’re doing. For example, if it’s when you get home from work, don’t just sit down in the same chair, as your mind has that association with that spot and worrying. Sit somewhere else or even better do something different have a bath, read a book or put some music on and start cooking, create a song list to sing along with. Doing something different will help change the habit and over time your mind won’t be expecting to worry when you get home, but to be relaxed and enjoy your night.


This analogy shows you exactly what will happen with your habit of worrying, so from now on whenever a thought comes to mind just think about this story and laugh it off, get absorbed in something else and you will soon be worry free. Change doesn’t happen overnight but today could be your day to start the process of change for you. You will be able to look back in a few weeks and see how much this has changed your mind set.

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