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We have looked at many different emotions and the impact they have on us and being honest. Now we live in a very emotionally complicated world. Five hundred years ago there just wasn’t a space for any of this we were too busy just dealing with surviving.  The feelings and emotions we were listening to were, hunger, thirst, cold, heat and that inner instinct for our survival. This has been the way for as long as we have lived on this planet, but as we have worked out how to survive in a minimal amount of time, this means we have all this time to listen to ourselves. The lengthy processes of finding food water and shelter took up all most all of our time, now we take that all for granted and for many of us in England we don’t even think about not having enough of what we need. Which is amazing, so many people even in this country, plus billions from around the world would change to live our lives. It is important to be thankful for this, but also to be thankful we have this opportunity to have time for self-reflection and emotional growth. We are moving leaps and bounds each decade in this journey, but if we are struggling with what we’re carrying from the past we can find this very over whelming. In the blog Turmoil, we looked at this state we can get into and we have looked at lots of feelings which come with this too, now it time to look at the fact that for some of us it’s all become too much.


All we want to do is hide away and be invisible to the world and also, we want all our feelings to be invisible too.  People who suffer from social anxiety social can often feel this pull to be invisible hiding from the fear, no more getting hurt, no more in the spot light and how this makes us feel. We can have just got stuck this way, retreated inside of ourselves, not feeling safe or able to trust ourselves, sometimes we know and can’t seem to change it, or sometimes we live in denial, the blog denial goes into this in more detail. People who want to be invisible try their best to not connect to the world or even themselves, it all has become far too scary to try and work it all out. Emotions are hard and confusing and can seem to come from nowhere at times, leaving us feeling overwhelmed. For many people, it isn’t always in every part of their lives, maybe its home life or work or just trying to have a social life seems hard. If we are trying to hide then we will be breeding lots of anxiety within us. Sometimes we just don’t have the strength to challenge ourselves, to work out why we feel this way, and just feel stuck hoping to make it through life with as minimal impact as possible.  If you do feel like you’re living in this invisible way, then it’s time to know that it is safe to start the journey of change, it can be harder living this way day in, day out instead of challenging yourself to change.

Now is the time to change and start the process of regaining that strength you need to help you move forward. If we don’t then we are just putting of the inevitable, as for many people life will make this happen, something will come along that pushes us to the brink making you have to change. So, this being the case why wait for that and lose this time in our lives? These moments we have are precious, we need to embrace every moment. Try and work out the biggest issues which make life harder for you and look to see if there is some way to change this. Then work firstly with the people you do let in, start by allowing them to know you a little bit more, it will feel nerve wracking at first as you have been living this way for a while now, sometimes even decades.


It’s a lonely place living an invisible life, I know it may feel hard and confusing starting to work with your emotions but you will start to feel the relief of letting these barriers go. This time of year, can be hard if were living in this invisible way, as Christmas is always portrayed to be this amazing time where everyone is joyous, happy and fulfilled. If we have a part of our lives we can’t embrace then for some of us we will feel it more intensely this time of year, and if you can think back to having felt this before in previous years then maybe it’s time to consider change. As I said earlier we can wait for life to push us to change or maybe this is the perfect time to choose to change, starting this way will be then from a place of power.

No more hiding, no more fear, no more coasting and limiting your life, as you open up to personal growth and development. Of course, there’s no magic wand and steady steps forward are always best, but take some time and start to think about what does make you want to be invisible and hide from yourself and others. It’s not about the past now, it’s about how we move forward and moving forward now is the best way to change how we behave. It’s important to be yourself, so you can express yourself from a place of personal inner safety, trust and security. We don’t need to try and blend in with everyone else, it is safe to have our own options, feelings, emotions and beliefs and it’s quite alright that they are not the same as everyone else. The other end of the scale is the peacock, showy and flamboyant which for some people is what they enjoy, but if this is not the place you want to aspire too then that’s fine too. Quietly confident may be perfect for you, facing your fears will help release them, and the quicker you do this, the quicker you get your life back on track.


This New Year is your time for this and I will be looking at ways to help you come out of hiding and start or continuing your journey of personal development.


Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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