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In the last couple of blogs, Embrace Health and Love Peace we looked at how different our world is and the things we used to have to focus on just to stay alive. We are so lucky that we don’t even give these a second glance anymore as we have got so absorbed in this amazing 21st century. From the stone age to the 1950’s all over the world we lived in, fear of a neighbour or another country invading our homes, villages or territory. Slaughtering our friends, family and community to take over and occupy our land and resources. If they didn’t slaughter us they brought health epidemics which did it for them. We are also over the era of being helpless beings in our powerful world out of control with the force of nature. Of course, we do see many disasters, devastation caused by earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather conditions, being caught up in those must be terrifying for anyone.  But over the last 100 years we have learnt so much and we can now build houses to withstand earthquakes and even install earthquake protection beds, google them they look amazing. We can now predict the weather and send support to help when a disaster happens to help minimise the loss of life. 

This world we live in for many of us is a far cry from the lives we led 200 years ago and beyond. Looking at it in perceptive you would have thought that we should be all wandering around with a massive happy grin on our face, because the big issues of survival have been resolved. We also have insurance schemes, community supports and much more to help us get through those difficult times. Don’t get me wrong I know people do die, families are shattered and communities devastated, but the figures are tiny in comparison to life 1000 years ago. Having secured unprecedented levels of prosperity, health and harmony, and now living longer than ever before, what will be our new targets in life? I feel it should be happiness and choosing to live in the moment and embrace the now.

human kindnessIt’s time to choose to be healthy, happy and love the amazing world we live in; simple things can be some of the most amazing times. Having a laugh with family or friends, watching the sunset, taking a moment to really embrace how lovely our world is. It’s so easy to get lost in life, work, family, the children, bills and the day to day lives we lead, but we can all spare a few minutes every day. We’re not wandering round with massive grins, because we have got lost in life. Now it’s time to work towards being a happier person.  Being happy keeps us younger and healthier, as it takes 6 times as much energy to frown as it does to smile. In the main and for most of us life isn’t this crazy life or death roller-coaster anymore, so we need to relax and put things in perspective. Being happy is something that we do need to work at and setting goals will help you achieve this. The pleasure with this is, it will not just effect you and how you feel but it will also have a great effect on everyone you meet in your life.

Take time to smile more and even set yourself a few smiling goals! Learn a few jokes and make yourself and people laugh, don’t take yourself to seriously. Take a moment to feel the peace in your life, home or environment. If your house is full to the brim with kids then take a few minutes to yourself and just breath in some calm air, or take the children out and watch them play.  Children have a natural ability to have fun and enjoy the environment, kids can make a cardboard box seem like one of the most exciting things they have ever had. Let’s stop chasing for more and just enjoy what we have already, I don’t think many of us live a perfect life and of course there will be things we don’t like or that can make us unhappy. But if we focus on those, and the fear, that life will bring more fear and negativity then it will make us feel miserable. None of us know what the future will bring, so let’s not worry about that, lets just embrace the now and be happy.

biscuits and tea.jpgDoing a good deed can make us feel happy, simple things like just letting someone in in front of you while driving or letting someone cue jump if they just have a couple of things and we have another shopping to fill a truck. Saying hello and being kind costs nothing and smiling is the best thing we can do to spread the happiness. If we work to add more happiness into our lives, we feel better, but so will everyone else. Maybe we need to find things that make us smile, learn a new hobby, watch a funny film or video all of these may help. I know there are people that struggle with depression and that can need more deeper help to work things through. But these will help, once we get our mind on our side, it won’t be just a goal we set, it will be a new positive habit. Habits do take time to form, so do make sure you keep your happy goals going for a while, or even forever, if you like how it makes you feel.

We have to embrace how lucky we are and all the good things we have in our world. Time is precious and we shouldn’t waste the gift of life we have been given. Spread the smiles and happiness, wherever you go and you will feel lighter and brighter because of it. A new focus can also help us forget about the bad habits we may have been carrying and in doing so, we can kill two birds with one stone. There are many more things we can do to bring happiness into our lives so do think of the things that feel right for you, there is no right or wrong way only your way. Have an amazing day smile as many times as you can.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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