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Our world is amazing, finding out what is happening in our world is so fast and easy now, gone are the carrier pigeons, and letters from afar. Now with the ever-growing internet has made it almost live to hear about things which are happening. This is great for sending help and changing how we deal with disasters and epidemics, but it can leave us feeling that the world is not that safe. In fact, it is the complete opposite, we are safer now then we have ever been in our whole existence on the planet. 

World peace now means something different than what it did 100 years ago, peace used to mean there wasn’t a war at the moment, but that could change at any time. Now we view war as something that is inconceivable under any circumstances and I don’t think this will change, as today the main source of wealth is knowledge. The pleasure with this is, is that it is not like a commodity like gold or silver, which people can invade and steal from you, there’s no point storming Silicon Valley to steal the knowledge. Instead countries now buy the knowledge i.e. the software and make lots of things to sell instead. This change in what worth is, has made a massive impact on world wars and cross boarder connections. Every war leads back to wanting either land, commodities or control and we invaded homes, villages and countries to get this.

giammarco-boscaro-380907-unsplashHistory is all about the wars and there have been so many of them and for most of the time we have been at war. Over the past 3,400 years humans have been entirely at peace, for 268 of them that’s a staggering figure, now I am not saying we have full peace in our world but its way better than it’s ever been.  Since the end of the 2nd world war we have had no world wars, which is amazing, as these were the deadliest in history, we have countries in conflict though but no major wars. We can’t forget how terrible it is for people in these countries that have internal unrest, boarder wars and military conflicts going on as this must be horrific for them.  But it is important to embrace what we have now in our world and enjoy these times of freedom and liberation we have because of it. Worrying about incidental things and blowing things out of proportion seems silly in comparison to other people’s lives and it’s important not to waste these times of peace with worry.

Let’s look at how a world war would go these days, it’s all now based around these massive super powers and nuclear weapons, it sounds to me like crazy act of mass suicide so I don’t think it’s that likely. We can never say never and I am not an expert in this field but it seems less likely than ever before because it would be pointless. Going back to the what has made wars, this new found need for knowledge is something that can’t be stolen. In fact a war would stop countries from selling their products, so wars don’t seem so much of a sensible option any more. For our lives and the lives of our children it’s time to love peace and the happiness this brings, it can be too easy to look on all the negative things instead of seeing things in their true perspective. We don’t know what the future will bring, but worry and fear won’t help and its truly time to build that inner safety and security within you. It costs nothing to spread some happiness around us, a smile is free and we need to spread this peace around our lives too.

loveWe’re not a super power or world leader, well in my opinion thankfully not, I can’t imagine it’s an easy job, so it’s time to relax inside and realise that all these everyday things we come across are not world-wide war, in fact there a far cry from that. Given our 21st century accomplishments, if people suffer from famine, plague and war we cannot blame it on nature or on god. It is within our power to make things better and to reduce the incidences of suffering even further by being better people and doing our best, which I believe starts from within. In 2012 about 56 million people died throughout the world. 620,000 of human violence with war killing 120,000 and crimes killing the rest.  But in contract 800,000 committed suicide and 1.5 billion died of diabetes, so is sugar is more dangerous than a bullet now in our 21st century world?

If we all strive towards being the best versions of ourselves and embracing personal change, I believe over time this will have a massive impact on our world. With the increase in technology, we’re no longer a silent pawn in the world, if we grow into better people I believe the world will automatically grow into a better place.  Of course, there will be ups and downs, that’s life, but choosing to find peace within us and share this with the people in our lives and the people we meet is something that truly is in our power.

the best gift is you.jpgOften, we can feel that many things are out of our control and because of it we do nothing as we feel that’s its helpless and pointless. This way of feeling and living is unhealthy for us and the people around us. Everything we do counts, even if it doesn’t feel like it does. If you need more motivation to feel that your part of a bigger picture in helping our world to become a better place then find groups to join. Groups like Greenpeace are fighting tirelessly for a better world and seeing their achievements and being part of this movement may help, it takes seconds to sign the online petitions. You could also volunteer or give time to your local community, but just a kind word and a smile goes a long way too.

It’s time we all find our own inner peace within us and spread this movement throughout our world, none of us knows what the future brings so let’s embrace the now with optimism and inner peace.

Thanks for dropping by Sara x

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